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If The Shoe Fits

If The Shoe Fits

How to get the best pair of shoes on your wedding day

If The Shoe Fits

More often than not, brides don’t put as much stock on their wedding shoes as they would on their gown, makeup and hairstyle, and other trimmings. The most common reason is that a full-length dress would cover up the footwear, anyway.

The right choice of wedding shoes is very important, not only for sentimental reasons, but also practical ones. Here are some tips on how to arrive at the best pair of footwear on your special day.

Consider statement shoes.

White and neutral-colored shoes have become the norm for most brides. Wearing them beyond the ceremony and for other occasions isn’t advisable, though. Not only will they get dirty, but white also doesn’t go well with a lot of clothing styles. If you’re bold and daring, why not consider statement bridal shoes? These break the mold of the traditional white, and can be worn at other occasions, as well. Statement shoes can also reflect your personality and tastes. For instance, fashion-forward brides are looking into incorporating emerald, Pantone’s color of the year, as well as their favorite tones and patterns into their shoes.

Prioritize comfort over everything.

If you have trouble walking around in a pair of high heeled shoes, it’s advisable to go for low-heeled ones or even flats for your wedding day. Being comfortable is important, especially since you will be doing a lot of standing, walking, and dancing. You can have shoes custom made if your feet have special needs, such as extra padding or arches. High heels may be pretty, but if you end up limping in them instead of gliding down the aisle, then it’s best to choose comfort over style on your big day.

Harmonize with your overall look.

That your shoes should complement, not clash horribly, with your dress is a must. If your dress has a lot of embellishments and trimmings, then it’s best to go for understated shoes, and vice versa. Consider satin shoes if your dress has shiny details, for example. You can also choose an element of your bridal gown and have your shoes mirror that, such as lace, rhinestones, or a dash of your chosen color.

Go for a customized pair to be truly unique.

Should you encounter problems shopping for the perfect pair of wedding shoes, why not have them custom made instead? You can give specifications to come up with the perfect fit and style that reflects your unique personality. You can also have a pair of shoes you can wear over and over again, as a result!