Shopping Tips: Visualizing the Engagement Ring on Her Hand

Engagement Ring on Her Hand

Searching for the perfect engagement ring can quickly morph into a treasure hunt, taking you from store to store or from page to page on the internet. Maybe you have an idea about the type of ring she wants, but you’re just not sure how the design will look on her hand. Is the center mount too high? Is the band too thick? Ring design settings are so vast that even when you know the general look and style of the ring she wants, it’s easy to feel indecisive.

There are many ways to help you visualize the ring and how it will look on her hand without having her actually try it on and spoiling the surprise. The details of the proposal—and the mystery of the ring—create the romance and fairytale fantasy of an engagement. Maintaining the mystique is a must; when you want to keep the details of the ring and proposal under wraps, these five stealthy tips will allow you to preview the ring without blowing your cover:

Check Out Her Everyday Rings

Your future fiance’s everyday choice of jewelry should be the biggest indicator of what styles she prefers. Is her jewelry collection mostly yellow, white, or rose gold? Does she like big fashion pieces with lots of sparkle? She may prefer a halo setting, side stones, or accent diamonds on the band. Is her style more subdued? A skinny band engagement ring might be more her style.

Also think about why she wears a certain style of jewelry. If she avoids wearing ornate rings because she works with her hands, take this into consideration! Opt for a modest design in a strong metal like platinum, so the ring won’t snag, chip, or dent.

Engagement Ring on Her Hand

Pay Attention to Her Hand

While her style tells you what type of designs and metals she may prefer, you can also look to her actual hand to size up the situation. Longer fingers may accommodate larger stones better than shorter fingers. If her hand is slim and petite, you may want to avoid “heavier” halos or side stones, which add bulk to a ring. Instead look at elongated stone shapes like pear, marquise or oval diamond cuts, which help slim and lengthen the hand and finger.

If you still want a little extra brilliance to accent her center stone, consider a pave or micopave setting, either as a halo or on the ring band, to keep the details more streamlined to best accentuate her smaller frame.

Search For It

If you’re still having trouble picturing the ring, check out social media. Sites like Pinterest are a great place to search for pictures of engagement rings both on and off the hand. You can use these sites to get inspiration for a ring, or visualize what your ring of choice might look like on her hand.

You can also use Google image search. There are hundreds of thousands of pictures available, so you can be specific in your search terms for the ring (e.g. “princess cut engagement ring rose gold”). Then add words like “hand” or “finger” to your search to ensure you’re getting photos of your ideal ring on a woman’s hand.

This way you’ll be able to get a very real picture of what a ring might look like—as well as some inspiration for variations in settings and styles!

If all else fails…

If you’ve looked at her rings, checked out her hand, and even browsed the Pinterest boards and you’re still stumped, opt for a safe choice for her ring: the solitaire! A solitaire is classic and looks great on every hand; round and princess cut diamonds are also universally flattering, so opt for either of these shapes. Solitaires can accommodate side stones and even halos down the road, so she has the option to upgrade the setting and play with more details.

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be daunting and lead to indecision, especially when you’re trying to visualize that dream ring design. While engagement ring previews aren’t always possible, you can head over to Google or Pinterest to peruse the many engagement ring selfies that have flooded social media. Or just look on her hand to feel out her style and help you size up the ring design. And, of course, you can always choose the safest bet: opt for a simple solitaire. She can upgrade the setting in the future and design the ring of her dreams!