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    Do Women Wear an Engagement Ring in Asia?

    Every country in Asia has it’s own unique wedding traditions based on the culture, religion, and rich history of the area. However, the engagement ring was not a feature in many of those cultures until very recently, in large part due to the rising influence of Western countries. During ancient and medieval times, it was common for both men and women to wear rings decorated with gemstones, even diamonds, for a variety of purposes. These rings included Chinese archer’s rings…

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    How to Buy an Eternity Ring

    There’s no better way to celebrate your love than with a gorgeous eternity ring. With sparkling diamonds encircling a precious metal band, an eternity ring is all the symbolism and commitment…

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    Engagement Rings

    The Best Engagement Rings by Lifestyle

    Everyone knows it’s important to consider the four C’s when shopping for a diamond engagement ring. However, there’s much more to picking an engagement ring than just looking for a diamond…

  • Moissanite Diamond

    Is Moissanite a Diamond?

    When hunting for jewelry and engagement rings, buyers often ask the search engine genies a familiar question: “What is a Moissanite diamond?” If you’re trying to hit up Google, Yahoo or…