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    Wedding Rings

    The 6 Types of Engraved Wedding Bands

    Gold wedding ring with an engraving

    Wedding bands are rarely removed by couples, making them one of the most personal pieces of jewelry you’ll ever own. Why not make the design of the ring match it’s deeply personal meaning? One of the most classic and beloved traditions is to wear engraved wedding bands. There is a long-standing tradition of inscribing affections onto a ring. During medieval times, engraved sentiments once decorated traditional commitment rings known as posy rings. These rings were so popular that the symbol…

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  • colorful gemstone selection with tweezers

    A Color Guide for Fancy Diamonds

    Clear, sparkling diamonds are often the standard for fine jewelry, especially engagement rings and diamond stud earrings. However, almost all diamonds have a little color to them. For “white” diamonds, this…

  • woman putting a wedding ring on the finger of her groom
    Mens Wedding Bands

    Do Men Wear Promise Rings?

    Promise rings have been back en vogue for a few years now. But these rings differ greatly from the men’s promise rings the Jonas Brothers rocked back in the day. Rather…