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    Understanding Conflict-Free Ethical Engagement Rings

    Ethical Engagement Rings

    You may have heard of the term “conflict-free diamonds,” but do you know what that label actually means? For years, “blood diamonds” fueled wars, bloodshed, and human suffering. Today, we use the distinction of “conflict-free” diamonds to say a diamond has been sourced ethically. However, the term has become widely and incorrectly used to label diamonds that may not, in fact, be conflict-free at all. Before you buy a diamond, understand what this term means and how to find a…

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  • Melee Diamonds

    What Are Melee Diamonds?

    Most pieces of diamond jewelry, including those with pave or halo settings, are designed with multiple diamonds. The center stone is the largest diamond in the entire setting, so it usually…

  • Melee Diamonds Cut

    How Are Melee Diamonds Cut?

    You might have never heard of melee diamonds, but you’ve definitely seen one. Melee diamonds are the tiny, glittering gems that are embedded together in a piece of jewelry. These small,…

  • Ring Styles

    7 Damascus Ring Styles for the Modern Man

    Damascus steel is beautiful and mysterious, an ancient formula used to craft some of the best swords history has offered. The technique was so admired that some believed it was magical…