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Valentine’s Day Gifts Through The Ages

Valentine’s Day gifts

Valentine’s Day is a fun and romantic tradition all over the world, where sweethearts shower each other with tokens of love. But the holiday hasn’t always been a day of heart-shaped candy boxes and diamond engagement rings. Wondering how traditions have evolved through the ages? Check out this infographic that takes a look at Valentine’s Day gifts through the ages. From cards to engagement rings, we have every fun and romantic Valentine’s fact covered!

Valentine’s Day gifts Infographic

Fertility Rites

While Valentine is the day’s namesake, Valentine’s Day has been linked to the pagan holiday of Lupercalia, which was a fertility festival celebrated on February 15. Lupercalia, however, was marked with animal sacrifices and hitting women with the hides of the sacrificed animals. To be struck was a mark of fertility for women. According to Britannica, Christians later changed Lupercalia to the Feast of Purification.

Tokens of Love

As years and generations passed, Valentine’s Day has morphed into a day to celebrate love, devotion and romance. How couples celebrate this amorous holiday, however, may vary according to culture, age or even individual style. Some love to go all-in with an elegant dinner, a presentation of flowers and diamond jewelry. Others opt for low-key cool with a movie night, pizza and maybe some candy.

The Ultimate Gift: A Proposal!

Duos that are ready to take the next big step in their relationship might even celebrate Valentine’s Day with a wedding proposal. After all, nothing says love and romance like an engagement ring and a forever promise! Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days for proposals, and in 2016, a report by American Express revealed that six million couples planned for a Valentine’s Day engagement.

If you do plan to drop on bended knee on Valentine’s Day, make sure to plan something extra special. With so many couples planning for a perfect proposal, originality goes a long way! Mix up the Valentine’s Day plans to keep your beloved guessing. You might even want to hide the ring in a bouquet of roses during a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt. And, yes, roses remain one of the most iconic Valentine’s Day gifts! However you decide to celebrate, remember there’s no wrong way: it’s all up to you and your beloved!