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  • How to Keep Jewelry Safe at Home

    How to Keep Jewelry Safe at Home

    Whether you own one necklace or hundreds of fine pieces, the last thing you want is for the wrong person to get their hands on your jewelry. According to the FBI,…

  • engagement ring on woman's hand

    Style Guide for Gemstone Jewelry

    Diamonds dominated the twentieth century as the “go-to” for luxury jewelry and engagement rings. For millennials, though, diamonds are not necessarily a staple. Beautiful and unique colored gemstones are increasingly popular…

  • Matching Split Heart Diamond Wedding Ring Set In White Gold

    Do His & Her Wedding Rings Need to Match?

    Matching wedding bands—or his and hers wedding rings—symbolically showcase the unity of marriage. Identically styled bands outwardly display that the couple represents half of the whole, as each has committed to…