How To Customize Men’s Wedding Bands With Diamonds

Channel Diamond Men’s Wedding Ring in Yellow Gold (6mm)

Finding the perfect wedding band used to be really difficult. Traditionally, wedding bands were just plain rings with few, if any, embellishments. However, times have changed, and more people are embracing the personalization or customization of the symbol of their matrimony. Many are even embellishing them with diamonds. This has brought about challenges for jewelers’ artisanship as people seek unique and creative wedding bands to celebrate their union.

Men’s wedding bands with diamonds in particular have seen a massive overhaul in this creative revolution. Gone are the days of men wearing simple, boring metal bands (some of them aren’t even metal!). There are so many choices available to men that it can seem like being lost in a maze of options. Our custom ring design tools are here to help you navigate your way to the perfect custom men’s diamond wedding band!

The Price is Right

The first thing to consider is your budget. Remember, two rings are being bought for the wedding, so you want to balance your ring budget to include both rings. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice intricacy and detail, but it will inform other decisions, such as what kind of metal you use or how big the diamond is. Using the 4 C’s guideline from the GIA, you can save a lot by adjusting the size, color, clarity or cut of the diamond. Knowing your budget going in will help you make informed decisions, and our custom tool’s price feature can guide you the rest of the way.

Cross Black Diamond Men's Wedding Ring In Cobalt (9mm)

Cross Black Diamond Men’s Wedding Ring In Cobalt (9mm)

Picking a Metal

Choosing the right metal for your wedding band can also influence both the look and the price. For every pricey metal such as platinum, there is a less expensive alternative, such as white gold. Some metals, such as silver or yellow gold, are softer, while more durable metals such as tungsten or titanium are growing in popularity. The color of the metal also adds a unique flavor to the ring or affects how the diamond setting looks, so it may also influence the final choice.

What’s Your Lifestyle?

Another thing to consider in the purchase of a wedding ring is whether or not wearing a ring will impede your lifestyle. Many people work with their hands. This could mean the ring gets worn on a chain rather than on the finger, or for special occasions only. Your lifestyle will play into how much you want to invest in your wedding band. Of course, it goes both ways – if you won’t wear the ring much, you could choose the route of going simple, or you could choose a design that’s too delicate for everyday use, but just right for your needs.

Common Interests

Another popular option is to customize rings based on interests. Many couples want their wedding bands to have a similar theme, and one way of doing that is by theming the rings to an interest common to the couple, such as sports teams, superheroes or video games. Often the interest is deeply personal to the couple or even meaningful to how they got together, which means almost any topic or fandom has potential to become a wedding band!

Heartbeat Men's Diamond Eternity Band In White Gold

Heartbeat Men’s Diamond Eternity Band In White Gold

Personally Yours

Engraving wedding rings with meaningful messages has been done since the medieval era, and is still a popular option today. While traditionally it has been customary to get the wedding date or some romantic phrase engraved in the ring, more contemporary couples might get something more creative. Couples have gotten things such as video game roles, meaningful events, or even just common phrases they say to one another engraved in their rings. You can even hide a diamond on the inside of a men’s wedding band, a look which is growing in popularity. Most of these personalizations can even be done afterward, perhaps to extend the meaning of the symbol by celebrating an anniversary.

Tradition holds that a men’s wedding band is plain, but new traditions are emerging as new styles are developed. With our help, however, shopping for a men’s diamond wedding band is simple. There are so many options available to customize a men’s wedding band that the hardest part will be narrowing down the possibilities. Use the tips above to narrow it down and find the best ring for your desires, as well as your budget!

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