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5 Simple Rules For Finding Cheap Wedding Rings for Women

Cheap Wedding Rings for Women

When choosing a wedding ring, setting a budget is a priority—especially if you spent a hefty amount on an engagement ring. Until you know how much you can spend, you have no idea what you can buy. Don’t assume, however, that a detailed ring is out of your budget. Wedding rings for women come in so many styles, gemstone choices, metals and designs. There is a wedding ring for everyone…and every budget. And, yes, even if that budget is on the low end, you can still add some stunning diamond details, too!

So how do you find a “cheap” wedding ring? And does cheap mean? We actually don’t like using the word cheap, as it usually brings to mind cheap-looking items of low quality. Instead, we like to think about inexpensive. Thankfully, budget-friendly, inexpensive rings are numerous, and a price tag on a ring does not have to dictate or reflect its beauty or quality.

There are a few insider secrets to finding the right ring at the most ideal price, however. To help you keep the budget on par and buy the ring of your dreams, follow these buying guidelines:

cheap wedding rings for women

Faceted Women’s Wedding Ring in Yellow Gold

1. Go for a thin, simple wedding ring.

The more elaborate the ring, the higher the price. Thinner bands are going to cost less than heavier or more detailed bands. Choose more simplistic designs like brushed gold details and keep that band on the skinny side.

Remember, stackable bands are en vogue, and you can always add more detailed rings to your wedding set later down the road. Simple thin bands also are a smart choice if your engagement ring is elaborate.

cheap wedding rings for women

Round Wedding Ring in Tungsten

2. Consider less expensive jewelry metals.

Metals matter when price is an issue. Platinum comes with a luxe price tag, so if you love the look of cool-toned metals, opt instead for white gold, palladium, tungsten, cobalt, or even titanium. Remember, too, that the more metal you use, the more the ring cost rises. To save money, you may also elect to use less pure forms of gold (14 karat instead of 18 karat).

cheap wedding rings for women

Fingerprint Flat Wedding Ring

3. Opt for budget-friendly ring details.

If you’re not interested in a simple band, there are countless ways to up the beauty of your ring. Adding diamonds may be the most popular option, but it’s not the best one when looking at cheap wedding rings.

To add detail to your ring without investing in diamond accents, focus on the metalwork. Unique textures, mixed metals, and detailed engravings or scrollwork can catch the eye and make your wedding ring pop with less added cost. Add meaning to your ring with a personal touch, such as an engraving of a fingerprint or a personal message of love between you and your partner.

cheap wedding rings for women

Pave Sapphire Ring in White Gold

4. Add sparkle using alternative gemstones.

For couples who simply must have a little bit of bling on their wedding ring, there are ways to add shine and brilliance to a ring without paying a pretty penny for a pretty diamond.

Gemstones add a pop of color and visual interest to any ring. Tiny gemstones set low into the wedding band won’t break the budget, either. Sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are popular choices, but precious gems can get a bit more expensive. There are more inexpensive gemstones such as amethyst, topaz, citrine, and garnet that make for a lovely addition to any piece of jewelry.

If you’ve got your heart set on the diamond look, add moissanite gems to your wedding ring. Don’t confuse Moissanite with a cubic zirconia or diamond replicas—moissanite is a mineral, naturally occurring and very similar in appearance to a diamond when it is cut and polished. In fact, many cannot easily distinguish the difference between the two stones. But moissanite is rare, so the gems used in jewelry is laboratory grown, which makes it very affordable. Moissanite gems sparkle with the fire of a diamond at a fraction of the price, and can be paired with any metal to create the perfect wedding ring design. If you don’t like the idea of something man-made, white sapphires are also a great gemstone alternative to white diamonds.

cheap wedding rings for women

Round Inset Wedding Ring in Tungsten

5. Shop for inexpensive wedding rings online.

Shopping online is nearly always more affordable than shopping at a brick and mortar store. In this case it’s no different: wedding and engagement rings are cheaper online.

Not counting the cost of your time to drive, park, and browse a store’s wares, you are more likely to encounter a wider selection and more discounted prices (up to 30%) by purchasing your wedding ring with a reputable online jeweler.

You can shop (and breathe) easier knowing that the right wedding ring is just a few clicks away. Browse our selection of affordable wedding rings today, and find the perfect ring to meet your budget.