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10 Men’s Diamond Wedding Bands He Won’t Ever Want to Take Off

Men's Diamond Wedding Bands

Diamonds are the perfect representation of eternity, because they have—quite literally—endured the test of time. The pressure beneath the Earth’s crust hides nature’s most amazing potential, and if your beloved scoffs at decorating his band with diamonds, remind him of this gem’s volcanic and dirty beginnings. Then use these tough gems to create the ideal accent for diamond men’s wedding bands.

While the diamond isn’t typically described as rough and rugged, they are the hardest gemstone on Earth. This durability and masculine undertone make them perfect for everyday wear (and tear!), and diamonds can be dropped into both casual and sleek men’s settings. Choose men’s diamond wedding bands that capture his style and individuality. Whether he’s a buttoned-up and serious or down-to-Earth and laid-back, there is a men’s diamond wedding band for him:

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Inset Beveled Men’s Wedding Ring in White Gold

Simple Sophistication

A brushed white gold band is classic and sleek, but the brushed texture also exudes a casual vibe. Drop in a center round diamond, though, and this band rises to another level of sophistication. This is the business casual of men’s rings—dressed down, but still professional and powerful.

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Channel Diamond Men’s Wedding Ring in Yellow Gold

Let The Stars (and Diamonds!) Align

A row of channel set round diamonds provides the central accent to a warm yellow gold band. Multiple diamonds demand attention, and this is a look that works well for men who want more formality from their wedding band.

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Ceramic Inlay Diamond Men’s Wedding Ring in Tungsten

Dark and Bold

A black band is an alternative style for grooms, but the dark hue also makes a dramatic backdrop for a diamond. A bezel set white diamond presents as a dynamic star against the ebony ceramic band. Ceramic is also a cost-efficient material to choose for those on a tight budget!

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Black Walnut Wood Inlay Men’s Wedding Ring with Diamond in Rose Gold

Warm Woods

For a laid back and rugged appeal, choose a band that includes a warm wood inlay to play against the diamond detail. While the look is still classic, the wood tones down the formality of a diamond accent.

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Pave Men’s Wedding Ring In White Gold (8mm)

Vertical Accents

A row of diamonds aligned vertically in the center of the band creates a dynamic accent without overpowering the simplicity of the ring. Keep the diamonds small, unless he wants a more formal appeal (then go bolder!).

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Diamond Eternity Men’s Wedding Ring In Platinum

For Eternity

Some guys want a band full of never ending diamonds, and we fully embrace the eternity style for men. While you can choose any shape of diamonds to create his eternity band, round is typically the classic choice.

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Channel Black Diamond Men’s Wedding Ring In White Gold

Diamonds in a Different Hue

Men’s diamond wedding bands don’t have to feature clear white diamonds, you can also use fancy yellow diamonds, champagne diamonds or even black diamonds to create his ring. Pair a diamond hue against a metal that lets the color pop; black diamonds look best within a silver hued band.

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Grooved Edge Diamond Men’s Wedding Ring with Gideon Meteorite Inlay In Rose Gold

Intergalactic Charm

Pair a solitaire diamond with meteorite for a ring that represents the millennia and beyond. Gideon meteorite borders a clear white diamond to create a unique and space-age style.

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Inset Diamond Men’s Ring With Camo Inlay In Zirconium

Man of the Woods

Can camo go buttoned-up? But of course! A camo inlay borders a round white diamond for a casually elegant interpretation of the typical hunting pattern.

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Cross-Cut Satin Sapphire And Diamond Men’s Wedding Ring In Cobalt

Diamonds & Gems

Pair diamonds with a meaningful central gemstone accent to create a nod to his birth month or your wedding month. Choose unique shapes for interest and to create dimension within the setting.

There are so many different styles of diamond men’s wedding bands, so choose the ring that best compliments him and can endure his lifestyle. If he’s at his desk for most of the day, a more formal setting may be appropriate. However, if he works with his hands or enjoys a more active lifestyle, then select a setting that protects the diamond from wear and tear—like a bezel or channel setting. Don’t be afraid to opt for colorful diamonds or a nonmetal band material to showcase his individuality. No matter what ring he wears, just be sure that the style you select will endure for a lifetime, just like the vows the band represents.