Why Palladium Is a Great Choice for Men’s Wedding Bands

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Nowadays, there are more choices for wedding bands than there were in the past, specifically when it comes to men’s wedding bands. From design, to setting, to the selection of precious metals, it seems finding a ring has gotten even more complex. Wedding band trends indicate that more male consumers are turning to alternative metals and choosing them over conventional ones such as platinum and gold. Palladium in particular has become a popular choice in recent years because of its practical benefits.

More affordable than platinum or gold

Budget considerations are important in selecting wedding bands for men. Palladium is significantly less expensive than platinum, which is sold based on weight and can cost almost double the price of palladium. It’s also easier to maintain palladium’s patina (natural finish) so it lessens the need for costly professional upkeep.

Offers a secure setting for precious stones

If you’re thinking of adding diamonds or other gemstones to your palladium wedding band, don’t worry about them becoming loose and falling out even if you have an active lifestyle. Palladium has roughly the same durability as that of platinum for a fraction of the cost. Prongs made of palladium are definitely sturdier when compared to white gold or silver.

Hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive skin

Palladium is around 95% pure, with the remaining 5% being alloys. If you have sensitive skin, palladium is the safer choice over silver or white gold, especially considering you are likely to wear your wedding band everyday.

Natural “white” properties

Jewelry industry surveys reveal that men prefer “white” precious metals over yellow-toned ones. Palladium has naturally occurring white properties unlike white gold, which is treated with rhodium plating to remove all yellow traces.

Sturdier but more lightweight than platinum

As previously mentioned, palladium shares similar sturdiness traits with its more expensive cousin platinum. However, it is considerably lighter than platinum even though it is around 12% harder. This makes it ideal for adding precious stones and for a wearer looking for a lighter, more comfortable ring.

More rare than platinum or gold

Strangely enough, despite its affordable price tag, palladium is rarer than platinum or gold in the jewelry market. This might not be the case for too long, though, which is why many people are investing in palladium while they can still afford it.

Easy maintenance

Because palladium has naturally white properties, it will develop a beautiful patina over time which requires very little maintenance. Unlike white gold which needs more upkeep, polishing and buffing palladium every six months will do the trick and keep it looking brand new. Palladium is also more resistant to regular wear and tear when compared to platinum.

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