Different Finishes on Men’s Wedding Bands

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when men let their girlfriends choose which wedding rings they should get. In recent years, Brilliance has seen how, slowly but surely, the selection and purchase of wedding rings has entered male jurisdiction. As evidenced by our clients’ inquiries, photo submissions, and general feedback, today’s groom is not just practical, but savvy and fashion-forward. Let’s take a look at some of the different finishes on men’s wedding bands that our clients have favored in recent years.

Satin Finish

Concave Men’s Wedding Ring in Platinum

The satin finish complements plain wedding bands with a smooth and sleek material, such as platinum or white gold. Grooms who like them unadorned yet classic usually go for the satin finish. It is not shiny and gives an overall softening effect to a wedding band.


Polished Finish

Beveled Men’s Wedding Ring in Platinum

The polished finish provides a reflective surface and shine to men’s wedding bands. It is one of the most popular finishes on wedding bands because of its shiny, mirror-like effect that doesn’t require precious stones to enhance it.


Hammered Finish

Hammered Men’s Wedding Ring in Platinum

This wedding band finish is ideal for the groom who likes rugged, non-shiny jewelry. A hammered finish ring actually goes through a couple of processes. First, small “dimples” are made onto the surface of the precious metal, and then a satin finish is applied to the band to give it an attractive patina.


Combined Finishes

Hammered Concave Men’s Wedding Ring in Palladium

More and more wedding bands for men now feature enhanced contrast and texture, thanks to combined finishes. Many of our customers request combinations of popular finishes, such as the hammered with the satin finish, to achieve a truly unique look.


Antique finish

Antiqued Flat Satin Men’s Wedding Ring With Rose Inlay In Cobalt

A type of combined finish, antiqued men’s wedding bands feature a dark finish on different areas of the ring to accentuate fine details. Often seen on clsas rings, this style can be used to showcase engravings, accent metals, inlays, and other unique features.


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