2013’s Color of the Year: Emerald Green


Pantone has declared Emerald as 2013’s Color of the Year. The company, a widely recognized expert on color systems-based communication, has become a standard in color-influenced industries such as fashion, advertising, graphic design, home interiors, textile, architecture, and paint. Since 2000, Pantone had named a particular color as the one that will set the trend for things such as clothing and home furnishing, and which will affect the mood of the entire year.

How effective has Pantone’s declarations of a particular color for each year been? Last year’s chosen color, Tangerine Tango, was geared towards fun and luxury via a collaboration with makeup company Sephora. From false eyelashes and nail polish to glittery eye makeup, many fashion-forward people wore the Pantone Color of the Year as spring-time accents. It was all about celebrating the key colors of major elements of the season.

Desirable emerald traits: fresh, pure, radiant, lush, healing.

This year, the hand-picked color seems to be all about green, growing things with more than a hint of hope. Pantone selected this radiant jewel tone for 2013 because the company believes it promotes balance and harmony, and inspires well-being. Emerald as a precious stone has been valued throughout centuries in many cultures for promoting good health, prosperity, growth, and renewal. It is associated with Venus, the goddess of love, and is thought to keep a lover faithful when presented as a gift. In some cultures, an emerald stone is also believed to heal diseases of the eye and heart.

For 2013, Emerald Green is a refreshing pick for home décor, clothing, and accessories. It is a color that complements any skin type, and places special enhancement on the green undertones of certain eye colors such as hazel, brown, blue, and green.


Emerald city: a refreshing look from head to toe.

The New Year has just started, and yet many fashion-forward taste-makers are predicting (and wearing!) 2013’s exciting new hue. For instance, the wedding industry is abuzz with excitement over emerald green on bridesmaid’s dresses, wedding favors and details, shoes and accessories, and yes, even bridal gowns. All the desirable traits of the emerald stone are translated in a fresh, exciting way with emerald green as a wedding motif. As well, selecting an engagement ring and wedding band featuring emerald stones with the classic diamond is a great way to mark 2013 as your year to get married.

Since emerald green is flattering with any type of skin tone and eye color, expect many makeup palettes to carry it for 2013. The nail lacquer color wheel is also likely to feature emerald green, paving the way for fresh-looking fingertips this brand new year.

Haute couture is raring to incorporate emerald green in its spring collection and fashion shows. Both on the ramp and on the streets, emerald is a look that is just waiting to burst forth and bloom, with heels, blouses, jewelry, hair accessories, skirts, shirts, jackets, and ties making a statement come spring, summer, fall, and winter.

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