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The Growing Trend of Man-gagement Rings

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Women wear engagement rings to announce an imminent change in their marital status, so why not men, as well?

With the growing trend of man-gagement bands, it can no longer be denied that more and more of men are not only willing to wear engagement rings, but actually choose to. It seems that the practice of leaving the jewelry shopping to their fiancé and future wife is slowly changing. Nowadays, men actually want to have a say in what they display on their ring finger as committed males, and they have good reasons for wanting to do so.

The promise ring

In cultures all over the world, men who wear rings to indicate their “pre-commitment” commitment are not uncommon. These were called promise rings and have been around as far back as the 16th century. They were exchanged and worn by young couples as a vow that they will be married to each other one day, no matter how long it takes.

In South America, it is typical for a betrothed couple to wear matching rings on their right ring finger during their engagement. They switch the same ring on their left ring finger during their wedding. It is not far-fetched that the recent demand for man-gagement rings is just a natural offshoot of these practices. Popular styles include the classic white or yellow gold promise rings, and engraved or monogramed man-gagement rings.

A symbol of equality in love and commitment

While some are inclined to think that man-gagement rings are only “in” for homosexual male couples about to be married, the trend has actually become as popular among males in heterosexual relationships too. Surveys show that heterosexual couples look at this phenomenon as an emphasis on their commitment to each other, from the engagement phase up until they are married. Both parties wear a ring to show they “belong” to someone, ‘til death do they part. Also, wearing his-and-hers engagement rings reveal a sense of equality in the relationship.

An affirmation of one’s personal tastes

One of the main reasons for the sudden popularity of man-gagement rings is a more conscious effort at establishing one’s tastes and style. For years, would-be grooms simply went with their fiancé’s personal preference in jewelry to get them the kind of engagement ring they would be proud to show off. Now, men are establishing the same rule with their choice of finger adornment. They want a ring that reflects and conforms to their lifestyle. For instance, athletic types forgo topper rings (those with stones sitting on top the band) and go for simple yet sturdy bands instead.

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