Can Jewelry Help You With Your Anxiety?

New Anti Anxiety Jewelry

Anxiety is a natural part of life. Work is stressful, challenging, and just when the day is over, other duties begin. Solutions abound, like chamomile tea, extra sleep, or a tiring workout regimen. These are all sound ideas. Most people will try anything to reduce stress and anxiety. At any fair or swap meet, people at the jewelry booth will say ,“This stone is for luck. This is for purification and healing.” If any of that is true, is there a gemstone for anxiety?

Can Jewelry Help with Anxiety?

For ages, artisans and mystics have touted metals and earth minerals as a cure for what physical ailments. Skeptics disavow this alternative medicine, while believers attest to the anti-anxiety powers of gold and certain precious and semi-precious stones, particularly that of the ruby. Historically, part of the reason metals and jewels were first worn on the body and in crowns, apart from their sheer rarity, was because people believed in their powers to bestow certain characteristics upon the wearer. Despite the fact that many people have moved on from the “magical metal and stone” theory,  jewelry today aids the anxious in some down-to-earth ways.

The New Anti-Anxiety Jewelry

For staunch supporters of modern medicine who want something practical to wear that can help them deal with anxiety, health professionals think “worry jewelry” and spinner rings in particular are effective coping mechanisms. Simple in silver, and stately in gold, you can always make something custom to suit your tastes.  

New Anti Anxiety Jewelry

It is important to be educated about jewelry and the types of anti-anxiety jewelry available on the market. In addition to spinner rings, there are thin-lined rings with beads on them for rolling. Puzzle rings are another option, and once a person gets very good at opening and closing them, it can be quite therapeutic. Even a poison ring, if made well, can serve to stave off anxiety.

This doesn’t mean, however, that rings are the only jewelry that can serve this purpose. Earring studs and thin stacked bracelets can both help with anxiety, as can beaded bracelets, necklaces, and necklaces with lockets or other moving parts.

Using Jewelry to Reduce Daily Anxiety

Only you know the best way to relax, but these tips may help. Much like those sand-filled stress balls of the 1980’s, there are some rules to follow, but the rest is up to you.

  • Select your jewelry based on how it feels: in your hand, on your body, and when you touch it. The repetitive motion throughout the day should soothe you, like the gentle touch of another person.
  • Be flexible: try a gold spinner ring, a series of bangles, or an an amethyst beaded bracelet when anxious. Over time, you will decide which one works best for you.
  • Don’t wait until you are anxious. As soon as you feel some tightness in your neck, shoulders or chest, or you have other signs of anxiety, reach for your jewelry.
  • Jewelry should be a natural extension of who you are. If you like what you have chosen, and the piece is movable, and you enjoy working with the item, as a puzzle, a spinner, or in a different way, you will get many benefits from it.

Whether you are shopping for jewelry to help with anxiety, celebrate an engagement, or surprising a loved one–whatever you choose should be the perfect fit for your style and spirit.

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