Jewelry Trends of 2010

One of the best ways to enhance the style of the New Year is by incorporating complimentary accessories into your everyday wardrobe. Influenced by the elegance and royalty of Britain, oversized diamond brooches are a perfect touch and strive to create a harmonizing balance between the otherwise feminine and masculine appearance. Another unique, main accessory of the 19th Century that is making a comeback is the Fob Chain – also recognized as a vintage chain used to hold a watch – worn on the front waistline of trousers, or in the front pocket of a jacket/vest. Diamond Cravat Pins and Square Brilliant Cut Diamond Cufflinks prove to be excellent additions to a revamp a formal dress shirt.

The paramount accessory choice for this New Year proves to be Victorian-inspired cocktail rings and engagement rings. Due to the scarcity of diamonds during this time period, Victorian rings were typically set in a cluster, using old cut or rose cut diamonds. Antique diamonds normally possess smaller tables, higher crowns, deeper pavilions and thicker girdles than their modern equivalents. Antique diamonds were also cut to maximize carat weight instead of fire, which is the main reason why the proportions of old diamonds vastly differ from diamonds of the present. Rose cut diamonds were introduced in the late 1500’s and remained very popular throughout the 19th Century. The typical characteristics of a Rose cut diamond includes the shape, which resembles the petals of a rose bud, with a flat bottom and rounded crown, and facets that meet as a point in the center. The modern equivalents for these particular diamonds are Round and Oval Brilliant Cut Diamonds.

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