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Where to Find Affordable Engagement Rings for Women

Affordable Engagement Rings for Women

You’ve decided to pop the question. Congratulations! But odds are that you now have a ton of questions—from what the perfect diamond shape will be to when the right moment is to ask to where to find the most affordable engagement rings for women.

Price can be one of the most significant considerations when selecting a ring, and you have to balance your budget with the expectations of your future spouse. Finding the perfect ring at the right price without skimping on quality is all about WHERE you buy the ring—how do you find the most affordable engagement rings for women? Just think outside of the box when you’re shopping!

The Best Places to Find Affordable Engagement Rings for Women

affordable engagement rings for women

Online Diamond Jewelers

Yes, shopping at a jewelry store can be fun or romantic, but you’ll find a much better deal online. Since online retailers don’t have to invest in the overhead of running a brick-and-mortar shop, they can offer lower prices for the same quality levels and carat sizes. Furthermore, while a local jewelry shop may have only a few selections, the choices online are practically infinite.

You’ll have no shortage of selection and many sites even offer options to create custom designs. You don’t have to go with a designer ring to impress—online retailers offer the widest range of cuts, shapes, settings, and more.

What to Consider:

The internet is a fantastic spot for shopping on a budget, but you may come across affordable diamond rings that seem too good to be true—and definitely are! Before you buy, make sure that the online retailer…

  • Is a reputable online jewelry retailer
  • Has a return policy
  • Offers diamonds (or whatever stone you opt for) that come with third party certifications
  • Has been around for awhile and have plenty of satisfied customers.

Vintage or Antique Jewelry Stores

affordable engagement rings for women

There’s no need to follow the hottest trends when you’re choosing your ring. In fact, you’re more likely to pick a truly timeless, one-of-a-kind ring if you ignore advice about the most modern trends. Go to a vintage or antique store to find an affordable engagement ring—the fact that you’re getting the jewelry secondhand means it will likely be less expensive than if you were buying it new.

What’s more, you can often find unique pieces with diamond shapes (Asscher or emerald cut) or settings (Art Deco or Victorian) of the past. If your future spouse is someone who already loves the vintage vibe, don’t splurge on a new ring in an antique style—go for the real thing! She’ll adore an antique ring with retro flair.

What to Consider:

Make sure that the seller has all the proper certificates and get the ring inspected to be sure you’re not paying diamond-sized prices for chintz or cubic zirconia. Also consider that…

  • Vintage engagement rings are more affordable because they often feature smaller stones. If your bride-to-be wants carat size over the classic look, a true vintage ring may not be for her.
  • Older rings have already seen a lot of wear and tear. Make sure the ring is still in good shape and will stand up to the lifestyle of your soon-to-be fiancée.
  • Any vintage jewelry you buy could be a conflict diamond. While all new diamonds sold in the USA and most European countries must be certified as conflict-free, it can be next to impossible to trace the source of older diamonds.

affordable engagement rings for women

Family or Heirloom Jewelry

Where can you find the most affordable engagement ring for her? It’s the ring you don’t have to buy at all! Ask family members if they’d be willing to let you use a family heirloom as your engagement ring.

It doesn’t need to be a five-carat diamond or even a family member’s engagement ring—many times, old anniversary presents and the like are just as special and make perfect engagement rings for future brides. Diamonds are often reset and passed down from generation to generation.

What to Consider:

With an heirloom engagement ring, you get a treasured heirloom laden with special memories that you and your spouse can add to as time goes by.

  • You can ask your own family, but don’t be afraid to ask the bride’s as well.
  • Don’t just limit yourself to rings! You could also take a treasured diamond or precious gem from another piece of jewelry and create a new, unique setting just for her—something old and something new!
  • As with other older pieces, if you are using an heirloom ring, just make sure it’s in good condition.

No matter which of these options you choose, rest assured that it’s quite possible to find affordable engagement rings for women. In fact, the search may be easier than you realize. And remember, a bridal blog or magazine may say a ring should cost two to three months’ salary, but you don’t have to spend that much to get the perfect, showstopping ring!