Trend Alert: Upside Down Engagement Rings

Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement rings have officially entered The Upside Down! While this new trend might not be a nod to the Netflix hit series Stranger Things, we love this simple flip on tradition!

Upside down engagement rings incorporate geometric elements worn “the wrong way,” such as a pear diamond worn with the tip facing the palm of the hand, or a setting that position a diamond in a unique way.

If you’re concerned that wearing an upside-down design will look, well, strange. Fear not! This new style is meant to capture attention and draw the eye to the intricate elements of your ring.

Every stone shape can be incorporated in an upside down style. The secret to this look is the architectural structure of the ring. Geometric designs shape this ring trend, and you’ll need a structured setting to showcase the upside down style. Choose engagement ring bands that dip down into inverted triangles, concave swirls, and angular edges for a bottom-heavy home for your centerpiece stone.

While the design options for upside down rings are seemingly endless, check out these rings for style inspiration:

Swirl Style Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

Swirl Style Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

A Swirled Pear

Pear-shaped stones are one of the easiest shapes to adapt to the upside down trend. Set in a swirl style band, this nearly two-carat diamond can be worn both upside down and in a more traditional tip-up style.

The versatility of the swirl style lets you dip a toe into the trend…with the option to always revert back to a classic look. If the diamond was any other shape, the ring wouldn’t work in an upside down style. However, since the pear has a distinct top and bottom, this ring style is a win-win for both trendy and traditional brides.

Tree Inspired Engagement Ring with Hand-Engraved Bark Finish

Tree Inspired Engagement Ring with Hand-Engraved Bark Finish

Nature Inspired

Geometric designs are the hallmark of an upside down setting. But you can also pull asymmetrical shapes from nature to create a “bottom heavy” setting. This unique tree inspired ring positions the centerpiece round brilliant diamond hanging from a gold tree limb, glittering with emerald leaves. A 14 karat yellow gold band is carved to resemble tree bark, and eight emeralds shine above a sparkling round diamond.

While this ring can be flipped so that the diamond is worn facing up, the design works best when the diamond appears to hang from the magical branch.

Custom Tear Drop Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

Custom Tear Drop Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

A Crowning Masterpiece

When a centerpiece stone is deliberately set upside down, the ring resembles a tiara on the finger. The top of the stone should rise above the band to create a towering effect…and the center stone will appear as the hand’s crown jewel.

This 1 carat pear shaped diamond is set with the tip of the stone secured on the band, but the bulk of the stone—the body of the pear—rises up to command the attention. The band is also encrusted with additional diamond accents.

Trillion Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in White Gold

Trillion Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in White Gold

A Trillion Ways

Trillion stones are those that are shaped like a triangle, and these three-sided gems are ideal for an upside-down design. Like the pear shape, a trillion can be set with one tip down and the base of the triangle facing upward. This ring features a trillion diamond surrounded in a diamond halo.

You can easily convert this design into an upside down style by simply restructuring the band so that the tip rests within the diamond band.

Create Your Own!

You always have the option to design your own upside-down masterpiece. Rest a diamond or another gemstone inside a vertex of a downward facing triangular band. Or work with the jeweler to design a band that curves downward to cradle a center stone.

The upside down trend can be imagined in any way you want. While pear shaped stones are one of the most versatile styles for this trend, you can choose any shape to integrate into an upside down design. Play with your own ideas and then work with a jeweler to create your inverted version of Brilliance!

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