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The Best Diamond Shapes for White Gold Engagement Rings For Women

Best Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings

White gold engagement rings for women remain one of the most popular choices for diamond ring settings. The mirror-like appearance of white gold reflects the brilliance and fire of a diamond, while keeping the cost budget-friendly in comparison to other cool-hued metals like platinum or palladium.

When selecting white gold engagement ring, however, buyers need to be cautious of the diamonds they set within the metal. The shape of the diamond affects the appearance and spark of the stone when it’s embraced by the white-toned metal. High-quality diamonds featuring good color, cut, and clarity radiate the most sparkle when set in white gold.

If you’re choosing a white gold setting for your future bride, keep these guidelines in mind when shopping for that perfect center stone.

Brilliant Cut Diamonds Catch Fire with a Spark

White-toned metals create a reflective surface that captures and reflects light onto a diamond, giving more opportunities for your diamond to shine. As such, pair your white gold setting with shapes known for their brilliance and fire.

Round Brilliant Diamonds

white gold engagement rings for women

The most brilliant of all diamond shapes for a white gold ring is, of course, the round brilliant. When setting this prismatic round beauty within a white gold band, opt for higher cut and clarity grades.

You can give a bit on color since round diamonds disperse color, but stay at or above a J color for best results. Any yellow hue in the diamond will be more obvious against the cool metal, making anything below an L grade not recommended.

Clarity of the round brilliant can affect the brilliance of the stone. Opt for SI1 or higher grades, which ensure that no inclusions or blemishes are visible to the naked eye. The cut of the diamond also should feature optimal dimensions in depth to allow light to penetrate and bounce within the stone and provide that signature sparkle. Try to find a very good or excellent cut grade.

Princess, Oval, Marquise & Pear Diamonds

white gold engagement rings for women

The princess, oval, marquise, and pear shapes borrow from the brilliant-cut design from the traditional round brilliant. While the shapes are unique, they all feature enhanced brilliance.

The oval, marquise, and pear diamond shapes also benefit from their elongated shape, suggesting more size and adding a slimming effect to the finger. All three shapes, however, are susceptible to a flaw in their cut called the “bow-tie” effect, which takes away from the brilliance of the stone. The “bow-tie” can be seen as a darkened area in the center of the diamond. Buyers need to be aware of this flaw and should inquire about its presence within a stone. A proper cut will ensure that the “bow-tie” does not make a black-tie debut in your brilliant white gold engagement ring. Be sure to select stones with a length to width ration of about 1.7 to 2.0 for marquise and a ratio of 1.3 to 1.5 for the oval and pear shapes.

When choosing the princess, oval, marquise, or pear shapes, color is important. Choose one as close to colorless as possible, generally staying at or above an I color grade. Yellow tints are more visible because of the depths of the cuts. And always go for eye-clean clarity.

Be Radiant with the Radiant Diamond

Radiant shapes are in a class by themselves. Radiant diamonds are a hybrid of brilliant-cut faceting and the vintage shapes of an emerald or Asscher diamond. Their classic shape, perfect fire, and vintage appeal are ideal for a white gold setting.

Color is probably the most important factor when setting a radiant diamond in white gold. Keep color grades high. Radiant cuts actually enhance the natural color of a diamond, making it great for fancy colors, but no so great for the lower color grades of a colorless diamond. Stay in the near-colorless range, preferably an H or above.

While the many facets of the radiant might mask clarity characteristics of the stone, avoid diamonds that have visible, black carbon deposits. These black dots will affect the brilliance and appearance of the stone.

Radiant diamonds do not receive a set cut grade on their certification reports, and cut is less important with this shape diamond. If the diamond looks beautiful to you, that’s really all you need to know about the cut of the radiant stone.

white gold engagement rings for women

Step Away from Step-Cut Diamonds

Stones featuring step-cut facets, like the Asscher and emerald shapes, offer less fire and more shine. While the shapes will still look lovely in a white gold engagement ring, they won’t benefit from the extra reflection of light like their brilliant cut cousins. Step cut diamonds are clean, but not so brilliant. These shapes do well in vintage styles with more vintage metals, like yellow or rose gold.

White gold is an ideal metal to highlight the brilliance of a diamond. The mirror-like surface bounces light and captures the diamond’s best sparkle. Plus, the budget-friendly price makes it a much more affordable choice for engagement rings when compared to platinum. Choose diamond shapes that offer the most brilliance, including the round brilliant, princess, pear, marquise, oval, and radiant, for a white gold masterpiece that exudes maximum Brilliance!