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Best Proposal Ideas to Surprise Your Future Wife

Best Proposal Ideas

You found the right partner, the dream ring and now have to plan the perfect proposal! Proposals are all about expressing your love and commitment to your significant other. The place of your proposal should be meaningful and suit her taste. If she is a private person, you may want to consider an at home proposal. On the other hand if she loves the attention, a public proposal may be the best choice. Let’s discuss some of the best proposal ideas for any venue.

Blog-ProposalIdeas-PublicProposalInnerPublic Proposals

Choose a place you both love and ask a passerby to take a picture of the two of you. Instead of posing for the picture, get down on one knee. She will be surprised and you will have pictures of the big moment! If the two of you have a few places of significance, create a treasure hunt for her. Start at home and lead her to all the places she loves. Wait at the final destination, ring in hand. If your future wife adores music, hire a band or choir to show up at a public park and play her favorite love song during your proposal.

Blog-ProposalIdeas-InnerHomeHome Proposals

Proposing at home can be very romantic. Incorporating details of your past together is certain to bring tears of joy. Decorate one room of your home in memoirs of your relationship. Cover the walls with pictures of the two of you and add to the romance with candles and flowers. Ask her to come look at something, then be ready with your confession of love and the ring. For the woman who appreciates delicious food, cook her an incredible meal (or hire a chef for the night!). If you are looking for a meaningful and unique home proposal, get a long ribbon and tie it across two places in your home. When she walks in she will follow the trail of the ribbon. Along the way, attach notes recalling different memories from your relationship. At the end of the love trail, she will find you her future husband waiting to make it official.

uniqueUnique Proposals

There are tons of out of the box proposal ideas that are sure to end in “YES!”. For the tech savvy man, creating a webpage dedicated to your proposal is unique and a great keepsake. You can cleverly guide her to the site then meet her surprise with the ring. After she says yes, you can share the link with family and friends to announce the big news. You could also set up a live stream so all your friends and family can watch the proposal as it happens! Reenacting a scene from her favorite movie is great for the hopeless romantic. Think, Adam Sandler singing “I want to grow old with you” to Drew Barrymore in The Wedding Singer. Lastly, you can play a small trick on your love. Order a free ring sizer and ask her to try it out and see what ring size she is. When she remarks on your lack of surprise, ask her to try this one instead. Pull out the engagement ring and get ready to be called the surprise master for the rest of your lives.

Blog-ProposalIdeas-InnerOutdoorsSeasonal Proposals

Using the seasons in your proposal can create a wonderful story she will think about at every year’s season change. During the fall, use all the colorful leaves to your advantage! Rake the fallen leaves into the words “Marry me?” in your front yard. For years to come she will smile whenever she sees the leaves leaving the comfort of their tree. In the winter, build a snowman proposal scene. When she comes to see your masterpiece, drop down on one knee. The weather may be cold but she will be burning inside for you! A spring proposal is great for a girl that adores nature. Take her to a surprise picnic among all the blooming flowers. Remind her that the most beautiful flowers are meant to be loved and appreciated, not possessed. Then get down on one knee. The summer can give you long nights filled with some amazing stargazing opportunities. Pick a spot with minimal lights so the two of you can appreciate the beauty of the night. Another summer proposal could include the beach. Create a love message in bottle, then bury the bottle in a location you can remember. Have the two of you dig in that area, making sure she finds the bottle. After she reads the love note, be ready with the ring.
Now that you have some creative ideas for the perfect proposal, it’s time to add your own personal touches! The perfect proposal should be well planned, heartfelt and personal. Once your engagement is official, tell us your engagement story! If you have any creative proposal ideas, comment below!