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5 Popular Trends for Modern Engagement Rings

Modern Engagement Rings

Engagement ring trends change every year. Although some styles have been around for centuries, modern engagement rings stake their claim as Pinterest darlings and vie for design domination.

Today’s most on-trend rings encompass an array of unique details that showcase the ever-evolving definition of the engagement ring. Solitaires are classic and destined to remain en vogue, but modern engagement rings may include custom designs that are uniquely inspired by the couple. They also include trendy, tradition-defying looks embraced by fierce and fearless fashionistas.

The most important thing is to choose a ring you know you’ll love for the rest of your life. As with all fashion, it’s not what you wear but how you wear it. If you want a modern design but worry it may go “out of style” years down the line, go with a modern trend that’s a subtle or more elegant than edgy.

Choose your favorite among these modern engagement ring trends, which are destined to become instant classics.

Modern Engagement Rings

Custom Tear Drop Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

A Modern Twist

Many brides are choosing to flip the script on engagement ring settings. There are two types of “twisted” engagement rings:

  • Upside-down engagement rings
  • East-west settings.

The pear diamond ring pictured above is an upside-down ring. In these rings, the center diamond (or gemstone) is suspended from the bottom of the band, rather than set within the middle of the band. Upside down rings also include bands that dip down for a convex stone placement. To really accentuate this unique setting, choose an asymmetrical diamond cut like the pear diamond.

East-west engagement rings feature horizontal settings for elongated and rectangular gem cuts. These cuts include the marquise, oval, emerald, and rectangular cushion or radiant cuts, which are then set horizontally, parallel to the finger.

Modern Engagement Rings

Horizontal Oval Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Oval Centerpieces

For today’s brides, oval center stones are the favored shape for engagement rings. The oval diamond cut is a brilliant cut like in most contemporary round diamond cut rings, but is just different enough to catch the eye of many brides today.

When set on the horizontal, they’re perfect for the trendy east-west setting (pictured above). When set on the vertical, however, an oval diamonds elongates the finger—great for brides with thick and/or short fingers. Pair this shape with a halo for more brilliance, add side stones or opt for a solitaire.

While oval diamonds are technically a “new” favorite, it’s certain to become a timeless classic.

Modern Engagement Rings

Cross Split Shank Engagement Ring with Moissanite Center Stone

Forget Diamonds…Opt for Magnificent Moissanite

Are diamonds passe? Never! While diamonds are the traditional engagement ring stone, modern rings are swapping out the diamond for a gem with serious spark–the Moissanite.

This gemstone flaunts flawless clarity and more fire than the diamond! Like a diamond, however, Moissanite can be styled in any shape and design. And, of course, moissanite is much more budget friendly! The lower cost means couples are choosing a larger center stone at a fraction of the price of a diamond engagement ring.

Modern Engagement Rings

Modern Style Split Shank Princess Solitaire Ring

Unique Band Shapes

Every ring has at least one thing in common… the circle band. Or do they? Many modern engagement rings feature unique bands that are breaking the circle and trying a new angle or two (or three)!

Here are three of the most popular non-traditional bands:

  • Open bands: Not all circles are infinite, and the open band setting features two centerpiece stones at each end. Since this band isn’t closed, the open sides showcase the middle of the ring finger and draws attention to the details of the setting.
  • Chevron bands: This funky ring features one or multiple strips of metal dipping into the signature “v” shape of the chevron pattern. The “v” can point to the root or tip of the finger depending on how you prefer to wear it. Diamonds can be incorporated into these rings in a pave setting, or they can be nestled within the triangular tip of the chevron.
  • Square bands: Design a ring with edge—literally. Square bands evoke the mod sculptural designs of the 60s, but today’s settings capture a sleek elegance with clean lines and classic details. Complement the angular structure with square and rectangular shaped gemstones–like princess, Asscher, cushion or emerald shapes.

Modern Engagement Rings

Custom Morganite Gemstone Engagement Ring in Rose Gold

Romantic Roses

Rose gold isn’t a fad, it’s a lifestyle—just look at all the rose-hued choices in technology! And couples are doubling up on the rose trend to create beautiful blushing engagement designs. Pair rosy stones like pink diamonds or morganite with rose gold for a double-play on this must-have hue.

Modern engagement rings change with each new fashion wave and color craze, but these designs are as classic as the go-to solitaire. The ring you choose should incorporate a sense of your personal style, and the design should make you smile about the meaning it holds and the look it creates on your hand . Modern or classic, when you wear your ring with confidence and happiness, the design transforms into evergreen beauty.

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