18 Tips for an Ultra-Elegant DIY Backyard Wedding

Design an ultra-elegant DIY backyard wedding by mixing rustic details with amazing floral arrangements.

For couples on a tight budget, expensive venues like luxe country clubs might not be financially feasible. Rental fees for smaller venues also may still exceed what the couple can afford, but sometimes the perfect location is right in our own backyard. Literally.

A backyard wedding is ideal for creating an intimate environment that also holds personal meaning to the couple. You could choose a childhood home or the home the two of you currently share together.

So how do you plan the perfectly elegant backyard wedding? Really, there is no right or wrong way to design an elegant backyard wedding. The ideas truly are endless. But if you need a little guidance or inspiration for your ceremony, consider these beautiful and elegant backyard wedding ideas, themes and tips:

Elegant Backyard Wedding: Five Chic Ideas for the DIY Dreamer

When couples dream up a backyard wedding, DIY often comes to mind. Backyard weddings tend to bring to mind crafty and rustic décor, hand-tied bouquets of wildflowers and a guest list of close-knit loved ones.

This is a DIY Dream Backyard Wedding. That is, this backyard theme is all about homemade touches, handcrafted signs and shabby chic details.

So what are the must-haves to make this DIY backyard wedding dream a reality? These décor ideas, floral details and wedding favors all tie-up the DIY aesthetic:

  • Hand-tied bouquets fresh from your garden. Roses, wildflowers, daisies…whatever grows in your backyard garden is perfect for this wedding bouquet. Wrap the stems in burlap, tie on a grosgrain ribbon or just use twine for a minimalist detail.
  • Rustic signs. Create wooden signs from driftwood or other rugged cuts. Paint directions to your guests or use the signs to mark other wedding details
  • Mason jar vases. Swap out vases for mason jars. Use these cute and shabby chic details to design floral centerpieces or use them to line the front of the ceremony.
  • Crafty favors. Make your own favors for guests! Chocolate candies can be wrapped in burlap and tied with a ribbon that matches your wedding colors.
  • Art on the table. Hosting kids? Cover the kids table with a plain white paper tablecloth. Include a small metal bucket with crayons and let the kids decorate their table!
Rustic signs add charm and country chic elegance for the perfectly dreamy DIY elegant backyard wedding.

Elegant Backyard Wedding: Four Tips for Elegant Décor that Mixes with DIY Details

Not every couple wants to 100% DIY their backyard wedding. Rustic or shabby chic isn’t always synonymous with a backyard ceremony. If the budget allows, opt for amazing décor details to create a luxe ceremony at home.

So how can you mix high-end luxe with DIY details? Think about incorporating these décor details:

  • Photo mapping. Project any scene or wondrous detail against any backdrop. This can create the illusion of a tropical paradise or a winter wonderland right in your own backyard.
  • Light it up. Tiny twinkling lights can add a starry bliss to your wedding day. While you could string your own lights, opt for a professional to ensure safe installation.
  • Flowers everywhere. Those blooms don’t have to be plucked from your garden. Have a florist design a lush floral landscape to create a romantic backdrop. If your budget allows, splurge on roses. A professional can design balls of flowers and hang them overhead or you may want a wall of flowers for the front of the ceremony where you will exchange vows.
  • A string quartet. Music sets the mood. For ultra elegance and sophistication, hire a string quartet to create the soundtrack for your ceremony.
Luxurious floral details can mix with DIY details for an ultra-elegant backyard wedding

Elegant Backyard Wedding: Five ‘Write’ Ways to Theme Your Stationery

Hosting and planning a backyard wedding doesn’t begin and end with the big day. Invitations and Save the Date cards add a touch of personality and also set the stylish tone for your wedding. Stationery (including place cards) also should match your theme.

DIY stationery is a fun way to introduce future guests to your wedding’s theme, but crafting all those invites could prove time-consuming if you aren’t a careful planner. Keep your stationery simple and don’t go overboard on the theme (unless you know you can DIY…or if you have the budget to have stationery customized by a pro).

Here are 5 few simple tips and ideas for stationery that complements the elegant backyard wedding theme:

  • Pressed flowers also can be used as stationery details and can hint at your wedding décor
  • When selecting font hues, opt for earthy tones or hues that pull from nature. While black is elegant, gray plays softer on paper. Blues, crisp greens and even deep hues of purple or indigo also work well. Don’t use yellow or pale pastels, though.
  • Rustic table cards can be made from almost any material. You can paint these on wood, shells, or even rocks! Have fun with the theme.
  • Don’t go too elaborate with Save the Date cards or invites unless you have the time to piece them together. Tying bows, layering cardstock or cutting out photos is time consuming. But you also can delegate to a family member to help you!

Elegant Backyard Wedding: Four Tips In Case of Emergency…

If you plan to host your wedding in your backyard, you will need to have a Plan B in case of inclement weather or some other emergency. You just never know what Mother Nature will plan. Or what backyard emergency could pop up.

When planning your backyard wedding, what should you have on hand in case the rain pours, the weather turns blustery or the backyard develops a sinkhole?

  • An alternate location. You absolutely must have a Plan B location no matter what. This could be inside your home, a relative’s home…or maybe under a canopy.
  • If you opt for large canopy (or tent) to shield you and the guests, you’ll need to price them (and rent one!). In case the rain starts sprinkling mid vow, that canopy could shield you and the guests.
  • Sunscreen. If you’re hosting a midsummer backyard wedding and the sun is scorching, provide guests with small bottles of sunscreen. These make cute wedding favors—tie them with ribbon or place them in a fabric bag with a bottle of water and some chocolates.
  • Backup generators. Power outage? Uh oh. This could mean big problems for your music or sound system. Talk to a pro about what you need on hand in case of a blackout.

While many couples assume that hosting an elegant backyard wedding requires lots of DIY, this isn’t necessarily the case. Yes, backyard weddings can embrace a rustic DIY charm. But they also can feature lots of high-tech and luxe details.

But no matter if you DIY or hire the pros, a backyard wedding creates an intimate environment that allows guests to be up close and personal with the couple. And, of course, the money saved on a venue can be invested in other details like floral arrangements, elegant stationery, a string quartet or high-tech details. Just don’t forget to have a Plan B, because you never know what Mother Nature will do on the wedding day!

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