What’s New, Cool, and Wacky in the World of Wedding Trends

Wedding Trends

With the dawning of the new year comes a bucket full of predictions about what will be the most popular wedding trends in 2017. From dresses to table runners to invitations, there’s no aspect of wedding planning that’s not subject to the whims and vagaries of the trends of wedding blogs, celebrity planners, and more.

Of course, your wedding day is all about you and your love, so choose whatever makes you happy. But if being on trend is part of what makes you happy, or you just want to know what new ideas are in, here are some of the most popular ideas likely to be seen at weddings throughout 2017.

Old Meets New

This year is going to be a big one for vintage flair. From romantic floral arrangements to retro inspired wedding gowns, classic, timeless wedding looks are set to be some of the biggest hits this year, but with a hint of the modern and contemporary. Imagine an industrial warehouse as a reception venue, but the inside is turned into a vintage fairytale.

icy cold moscow mules ginger beer

This mash-up of old and new is heating up. It’s popular with bartenders, too. Colorful, sugary drinks are on the way out while more potent classics like Pimm’s cups, Moscow mules, and Manhattans are back in style. Consider this when you’re selecting your signature cocktail.

Metallics with a Twist

Metallics have been the go-to color for everything from bridesmaid accessories to linens for several years now. This trend is evolving in 2017 — gold and silver tones are out. Look for rose gold and other metallic pinks to reign supreme and to be joined by slightly more unique metallics like bright whites and ivories or muted copper and pewter tones.

princess luxury

A killer rose gold wedding dress.

The colors are ideal for their versatility and ability to match nearly any color scheme. They easily transition from day to night, formal to informal, and vintage to modern.

Unique Locales

african wedding couple dances on rooftop

As they become more and more unaffordable, traditional wedding venues like banquet halls are on their way out. Instead, 2017 wedding trends find venues where the couple can choose a setting that’s uniquely meaningful to their relationship, such as a library or a theatre. Select a setting that’s surprising and exciting like a rooftop with a view or an open field with a tent. Think outside of the box when choosing your venue.


Surprise! Paper is the hot decor item for 2017. Whether it’s in a bouquet, a centerpiece, or simply used to help guests scribble down memories you’ll treasure, paper is a versatile and economical decorative implement.

When it comes to its more traditional uses in invitations, textured paper and mix-and-match patterns (floral with stripes, for instance) promise to be everywhere this year.

Soft Petaling

Soft petal flowers that lend a table (or a bride) an extra romantic look are only going to continue gaining in popularity. Loose rose petals, peonies and dahlias are the hottest soft petal looks right now.

blurred pastel background rose flower petals

Some brides are even choosing wedding dates when their favorite flowers are in season. Scatter loose petals on a table or down the aisle to add some extra romance. Organic, free-flowing centerpieces are out, though. If you still want a natural look, tropical blooms, flowering plants, and potted plants are the trending styles for centerpieces.

Signature Menu

high angle view small heart shaped

Long gone are the days of flavorless chicken and fish. Nowadays, selecting a signature menu is just as crucial a part of personalizing your wedding as anything else. Select a dish that reflects your cultural background or food that embodies your hometown or where you met. Take wine and cheese pairing to the next level with paired menus like guacamole and margaritas or a burger and craft beer. Making your menu as personal as every other aspect of your wedding is one of the most fun wedding trends for 2017.

Reach for the Sky!

In addition to moving away from the organic, free-flowing centerpieces, hanging arrangements are going to be enormously popular. Tall trumpet vases are also having a renaissance. They allow guests to talk to each other without having arrangements in their face, while offering a sleeker, more tailored look than the organic arrangements of years past.

table setting luxury wedding reception beautiful

While dessert bars are still popular, the days of cupcakes, cake pops, doughnuts, and more are waning. Tiered, traditional wedding cakes are back (the recent naked cake trend has helped bring them back) with the nostalgia of the tiered cake meeting the opportunity for a stunning work of gastronomical art. The higher the cake, the closer to heaven.

And when it comes to photos — get high. Drones or rooftop photographers are taking group photos from high in the sky to capture a beautiful moment from a unique angle.

booth congraturation made wooden wall

Say Cheese!

Photographs are some of the most special memories of your wedding days, and there are tons of new ways to gather the best moments for and from your guests. DIY photo booths are on the rise, and trendy booths like GIF booths and flip-book booths that share directly to guests phones are superseding more traditional photo booths.

Instagram and SnapChat remain the most popular way for guests to capture their memories — use a signature hashtag or SnapChat geotag. This is a popular way to include guests in the fun and have a cached collection of memories to scroll through in the coming weeks and years.

After Party Vibes

In past years, elaborate and separate after parties were on the rise. This year’s wedding trends see the after-party, in a traditional sense, on its way out because guests often don’t want to move locations.

portrait confetti flying dancing beautiful

So, keep the party going and have an after party in your wedding venue by creating a more club, lounge like atmosphere, gradually replacing tables with couches and lounge chairs. And if you’re worried about noise, have your DJ switch to a silent disco so you can dance into the wee hours of the morning (bonus points: you can have two DJ channels so guests can always find a song they like).

No matter how many 2017 wedding trends you embrace or reject, there’s a million ways to make your wedding the ceremony and reception of your dreams.

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