Have Your Very Own Wedding of the Future

Wedding of the Future

Become A Bride Bot: How To Have A Tech Savvy Wedding

Everyone knows the lore of the four traditional “necessities” for a lucky wedding: something borrowed, something blue, something old, and something new. Well, if you want something really new at your wedding, think about expanding your technological horizons.

Have a remote-controlled drone take aerial photos of your reception, or custom design your engagement ring via the web. There are numerous options out there for having tech savvy wedding, read more below to discover how to be a Bride Bot.

Customize The Engagement Ring

Use Tech To Customize The Engagement Ring

It is so easy to custom make an engagement ring these days, especially with Brilliance.com’s special technology, which allows you to design the perfect ring entirely online. Here is the breakdown of creating a custom ring:

Customize The Engagement RingStep 1: Upload drawings, sketches, and/or pictures online

Customize The Engagement RingStep 2: Receive 3D renderings of your drawings for approval

Customize The Engagement RingStep 3: Your Ring is cast, polished, and finalized.

The process is so simple, and yet the outcome is undeniably significant. It will leave you with a unique ring, unlike any other.

Customize The Engagement Ring

Create A Wedding Website

Getting an invite to a wedding in the mail is tradition, but in the digital age, there’s no reason to share the details of your wedding on only pen and paper!

A huge trend today is for couples to create a wedding website. These websites are essentially an interactive wedding invitation! They help prepare your guests for the big day by providing key details about your wedding.

You can post photos, event information, and set the overall tone of your wedding all on a well-designed web page! With your website, you can…

Customize The Engagement RingReceive RSVPs to your wedding

Customize The Engagement RingHelp guests locate and shop your registry

Customize The Engagement RingShare information on hotels near your venue

Customize The Engagement Ring


Over half of all weddings today use a hashtag, and for good reason! Creating a hashtag is a great way to help organize your wedding — not to mention, it’s free! By using your unique hashtag every time you post on social media, you can easily track your posts, share information with your friends, and see who else is talking about your wedding.

This can be done before and after the wedding, but one of the best parts is during. You and all your guests to easily share and view wedding photos posted on social media sites that you can easily find and save for later!

There is an art to generating an effective, memorable hashtag that people will actually use. Here are things to keep in mind when deciding your hashtag:

Customize The Engagement Ring

  • Include Both Your Names – Including both your names helps everybody recognize the tag. (Example: #TinaMitchGetHitchedApr15)
  • Make It Catchy – If it doesn’t have a ring to it, then people will have a hard time remembering your tag. Make it rhyme, make it cute, make it cheesy. Whatever you have to do to get people to know and remember your tag. ( #TinaMitchGetHitchedApr15)
  • Include The Date of Your Wedding – By including the date, you make the tag more specific which prevents your guests from confusing your wedding hashtag with someone else’s. (#TinaMitchGetHitchedApr15)
  • Capitalize Each Word For Readability – Because there are no spaces used in hashtags, it is difficult to read different words without using what they call “camel case”, which involves capitalizing the first letter of each word to increase readability. (#tinamitchgethitchedapr15 is much more difficult to read than #TinaMitchGetHitchedApr15!)
  • Search Your Hashtag to Make Sure Nobody Has It – Go to Instagram and search your tag. If photos show up for it, it probably isn’t specific enough. If you see “No Results Found” then your hashtag is not being used by anybody else, which is perfect. The goal is to have a hashtag that nobody else uses, so that when you look up you hashtag, only your wedding’s photos are found.

Customize The Engagement Ring

Give A Downloadable Gift

Instead of stressing over a wedding favor that might not get used, give a digital download that the guests can choose for themselves. Pick a store that means something to you and your partner and send guests home with a gift card or download code. Picking a special book from Audible or Kindle, for example, could be a fantastic and meaningful party favor.

Customize The Engagement Ring

App Up Your Wedding

Wedding planning apps brag a shocking popularity rate, with 89% of couples using them for organizing their nuptials. Pinterest is one of the most popular wedding planning apps; it truly is a metropolis for inspiring ideas. 70% of brides pin about their weddings before they are even engaged, so obviously the app is doing something right.

Part of the appeal of Pinterest is it allows you to sift through photos of dresses, bouquets, table settings, rings, invitations, and bridal shower accessories in a leisurely and entertaining way. Then you can create an idea board by pinning all the items that you would like to see at your wedding, or that impress you in some way on your Pinterest.

Another successful wedding app called Wedding Dress Studio allows you to design and even try on dresses inside a virtual dressing room. Choose from over 300 gown designs, upload a picture of yourself and with their “fabric-remapping technology” you can view how the dress will fit on your body without ever having to go to the store.

Customize The Engagement Ring

Video The Best Moments

It’s easy to underestimate the wedding video, but videography spending at weddings is on the rise with the average couple spending $1,700 on their video. A truly great wedding video will be a prized possession to you in the future.

The latest technological trend in wedding videos is capturing aerial shots of the reception using a camera drone. This is especially pertinent for outdoor weddings with striking terrain, such as a coast or a mountain range.

Things to consider when having a drone at your wedding:

NoiseNoise – Because drones are essentially mini helicopters, they are also loud like helicopters. It’s similar to the sound of a swarm of bees buzzing nearby.

Hiring A PilotHiring A Pilot – Drones are operated by remote control, and they take some finesse. You will need to hire someone with experience if you want the footage to be decent (and if you don’t want someone to get hit in the head!)

LegalityLegality – You can get in trouble with the FAA if you fly higher than 400 feet or within three miles of an airport. Just something to keep in mind.

Customize The Engagement Ring

LiveStream Your Wedding

Some people may not be able to make it to your wedding. Your grandmother broke her hip? Your cousin is studying abroad in South Africa? It’s disheartening that they won’t be able to be with you on your big day in the physical sense, but that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on all the fun. If you LiveStream your wedding, Grandma and your cousin can watch the whole event and get a feel for the experience from wherever they are in the world.

LiveStream is perfect for:

  • Families that live far away
  • Ill relatives
  • Destination weddings that are difficult for people to attend

Today, technology knows no bounds, so why not use it as a tool for planning the most important day of your life?

Because of technology, many facets involved in wedding planning have become much easier than they used to be. So take advantage of it. Be a Bride Bot!

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