5 Simple Steps to the Perfect Personalized Proposal Video

The best proposal videos should include the perfect location and the perfect ring

Getting engaged is a major relationship milestone and every couple wants that perfect proposal. In the social media realm, though, a relationship status isn’t official until it’s social media official! That means Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram followers need to see the receipts!

Perfect proposals require perfect proposal videos! So how do you stream that moment in the most Oscar-worthy way? By planning the perfect proposal, of course! And the perfect proposal requires:

  • A game plan (how are you going to ask?)
  • The dream ring (seriously, you need the ring!)
  • A picturesque backdrop (cinematography!)
  • A trustworthy squad to help you pull it off
  • An alternate proposal plan (just in case)

Best Marriage Proposals Step 1: Have a Plan

Your game plan is one of the most important pieces of the proposal. While, yes, you could do a spur-of-the-moment proposal, capturing the moment on video usually requires some planning.

How does your beloved want you to propose? Have you thought about it? If you have no clue, consider the following:

  • Is s/he a private person or shy? Introverts may feel anxious during a public proposal.
  • What are some of your partner’s favorite interests/hobbies? You may want to incorporate them into the proposal.
  • Do the two of you have a special place that is symbolic to your relationship? Maybe a first date restaurant, a landmark or a quiet spot you retreat together?
  • Do you want to propose on a significant date or holiday? Some restaurants or public spaces may be busier during holiday seasons…so plan accordingly.

Is the proposal going to be a surprise? Unexpected marriage proposals often make great proposal videos!

Marriage Proposal Videos Step 2: Zoom in on the Ring!

Yes, your proposal game plan is important, but so is the engagement ring. Social media followers want the receipts, and they always want to see the ring!

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is all about understanding your beloved’s personality and style. Not every person wants a big diamond set as a solitaire.

So what’s the perfect ring for your true love? It depends on many factors, but keep in mind:

  • The type of center stone she prefers (diamonds are traditional, but colored gemstones are en vogue, too)
  • Adding unique details (like engraving, milgrain accents or even birthstones)
  • Choosing a metal that complements the hand (does your partner prefer silver hued metals or gold?)
  • Stone size preferences. Some individuals don’t want a massive centerstone. Others love big bold statement rings!

While everyone will want to watch as your partner accepts the proposal, they also want to see that ring!

Whether it’s a private location or somewhere public, marriage proposal videos should include the perfect backdrop

Marriage Proposal Videos Step 3: The Perfect Backdrop

Where you propose sets the stage for marriage proposal videos. Choose somewhere meaningful, somewhere beautiful or just a place that’s unique and fun.

So where are the most picturesque places to plan your proposal? If you’re still on the hunt for a dream destination for your proposal consider the following locations:

Wedding Proposal Videos Step 4: Squad Goals

If you’re planning an elaborate proposal, you may need some help turning the dream into a reality. Enlist your most trusted friends and family to help create that unforgettable moment.

Of course, you can’t just grab anyone to help plan such a special day. If the proposal is a surprise, your proposal squad needs to be able to keep a secret.

So who can you trust to help organize that amazing moment? Choose your most trusted confidants. Maybe this is a sibling, best friend, colleague, or maybe even a religious leader.

Whomever you select, be sure that they know if the proposal will be a surprise! Otherwise you might not get the best reaction for your wedding proposal videos.

Have a plan ‘B’ location for wedding proposal videos. You never know when it may rain on your parade

Wedding Proposal Videos Step 5: A Plan ‘B’

No matter how perfectly you plan your proposal, there’s always a chance that something might

go wrong. Always plan for emergencies.

If you want to propose outdoors, have a rainout plan. Scope out a secondary location where you can propose without getting drenched!

Even if you make a reservation at a high-end restaurant, there is a chance something could go wrong…maybe they overbooked. Always have another location in mind.

Of course, sometimes the best wedding proposal videos include the unexpected. A sudden snowfall might add to the romance of the moment. Or maybe a butterfly flutters into the shot.

Expect the unexpected, but also understand that the unexpected can be amazing, too.

Wedding Proposal Videos: Who Is Behind the Camera?

Obviously, if you’re planning to videotape your perfect proposal, you will need someone to be behind the camera. You could ask a family member or friend. Or you might hire a professional to capture the moment.

Be sure that the camera operator is ready to capture the proposal. Go over the angles you want them to shoot ahead of the big event. Have backup equipment on hand! You just never know what might happen.

Wedding Proposal Videos: Streaming Live?

Yes, you could livestream your proposal. But think twice before doing this. Don’t ever post a video without someone’s consent.

Your partner may be nervous and might not want the video posted to everyone online…even close friends. Sometimes the best wedding proposal videos are viewed and only by the couple. While wedding proposal videos can be shared via social media, this isn’t—and shouldn’t—always be the case.

Your wedding proposal videos might serve as a time capsule to pass down to children and later to grandchildren. This is an amazing way to share your personal love story for generations.

Proposal videos should reflect the couple and their relationship. The best proposal videos start with a game plan! So think about how you want to propose; scout out an ideal location, buy the perfect ring, enlist your most trustworthy friends for help and always, always have a back-up plan!

Of course, the best proposal videos always involve an emphatic “yes!” Because, nothing else really matters!

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