10 Sparkly One Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her (or Him!)

One Year Anniversary Gift

A one-year anniversary is a huge milestone. While, yes, one year is just the beginning, this is a major marriage marker in that it is the very first wedding anniversary that couples will celebrate together. Traditionally, one-year anniversary gifts should be a gift of paper, and the modern first-anniversary gift according to The Knot is a clock. However, a sweet and thoughtful card can absolutely count as the paper of the day. Instead of papyrus, give one-year anniversary gifts that sparkle!

A little box can hide the most remarkable gift, like earrings, a bracelet, a ring, a necklace. But that perfect piece might not be uncovered in any stock collection at the store. Like your marriage and love story that gift of jewelry nestled in the small box should be one-of-a-kind, too. Custom design the perfect gift that celebrates those 365 days and captures the fire and heart of your marriage with these 10 amazing sparkling one-year anniversary gifts.

Past, Present & Future

Design a custom three-stone necklace to symbolize your past, present and future. While diamonds are always a traditional and beautiful choice, you can design this necklace however you wish. Incorporate your birthstone and your beloved’s birthstone and add a diamond, too. Or maybe you want just your spouse’s birthstone represented. Unique stone shapes like marquise, pear, heart or trapezoid also help you create a unique style and a one-of-a-kind statement.


Sparkling Steampunk

Gear Channel Men's Wedding Ring In Rose Gold

Gear Channel Men’s Wedding Ring In Rose Gold

Clocks are the modern gift used to commemorate the first anniversary. Opt for a steampunk design for him (or her!) and then customize that band! Add diamonds—black or white—for sparkling details. Or line the edges with colorful gems.

Paper in a Pendant

Looking for a traditional gift of paper? Add some sparkle by selecting a glass frame pendant with a tiny and ornate paper design tucked inside. You can find these unique necklaces at different craft sites.

Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond earrings are a wardrobe staple that can be worn every day! Choose the cut, color and size that you want to create your ideal look (and gift!). The shape of those diamonds also helps to create a unique style; marquise, pear and oval stud earrings can work vertically or horizontally. If you prefer a vintage-inspired design, choose shapes like emerald, cushion or Asscher.

A Locket

Lockets were once a cherished piece of jewelry, and they still remain popular today. These pieces come in all shapes and designs, but the traditional locket is, of course, a heart. When gifting this for your anniversary, tuck a photo from your wedding day into the locket and engrave the back with your anniversary date.

Gemstone Bracelets

Vintage Diamond & Amethyst Gemstone Bracelet In White Gold

Vintage Diamond & Amethyst Gemstone Bracelet In White Gold

First anniversary gifts can also celebrate your anniversary month! Choose a gemstone bracelet that features the gemstone that represents the month you exchanged your wedding vows. This is a sweet and meaningful way to celebrate year one, and you can choose a bracelet that fits your budget and her style. Opt for a sleek bangle, a traditional tennis bracelet or a more detailed diamond encrusted gemstone statement piece.

Gemstone Earrings

If the budget doesn’t allow for diamond stud earrings, opt for gemstone studs to represent your wedding month. Round stones are traditional and look great with every face shape. You may also choose more unique shapes like pears or hearts. Want more sparkle? Choose gemstone earrings with a halo or pair the earrings with decorative earring jackets.

A Statement Watch

If you want to embrace the modern first-anniversary gift, opt for a literal clock and gift her (or him) with an amazing statement watch. Your budget dictates how high you go for this piece, and a designer watch can be quite expensive. Shop around for the style, metal and details you want.


Custom Anniversary Rings

Custom Blue Pear Topaz Mermaid Setting

Custom Blue Pear Topaz Mermaid Setting

Design an anniversary band with unique details, inscriptions and diamond designs. Rings can be anything you desire, based on your budget and style. Swirl stones in looping infinity symbols, create tree branches dripping with sparkle or design a siren floating in the ocean’s waves.

An Add-A-Pearl Necklace

Start a unique anniversary tradition with an add-a-pearl necklace. Each anniversary, a new pearl is added to a gold or silver chain to represent your lifetime together. This is also an amazing heirloom to pass down to children or grandchildren.

While your first anniversary might seem small, it is an amazing milestone. So choose first anniversary gifts that represent the joy, laughter and love of those 365 days.

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