What Does a 4 Carat Diamond Ring Look Like?

4 Carat Diamond Ring

Diamond shape and cut can make a diamond look larger or smaller, independent of the actual carat weight. However, for those who wish to make a statement, size still matters. Larger carat diamonds command a high price tag, and one of the most amazing hefty carat masterpieces is Reese Witherspoon’s Ashoka cut 4 carat diamond ring from her husband Jim Toth.

But just how big is a 4 carat diamond ring? When trying to ‘size up’ that stone, there’s more than meets the eye.

Shape Influences Size

Different shapes of diamonds appear larger than others of the same carat weight. The dimensions of diamond shapes can differ greatly, and this gives the illusion of a larger (or smaller) four-carat diamond. An oval shaped diamond may appear larger than a round brilliant diamond because the oval features an elongated shape. Even two similar shapes—like an Ashoka and an emerald cut—can differ in how they appear on the hand.

Cut Can Cost Carats

Cut isn’t the same as the diamond’s shape. Round brilliant is a shape, so is a pear and an emerald. The cut is a different “C” in diamond grading, and the cut can make any shape look dazzling or dull. The quality and precision of the cut can also make the stone look larger or smaller. Cutting a diamond is an art form, and the GIA grades this “C” as Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair or Poor. A well cut stone will showcase brilliance and magnify the size of the diamond.

Four Carat Perspective

Shape and cut influence size, but if you’re on the hunt for a four-carat diamond ring you can still get a size perspective by looking at carat weight by the diameter of the stone (in millimeters).

Here’s how four carat diamonds with different shapes size up in diameter:

  • Round Brilliant: About 10 millimeters (or one centimeter) or the size of a pea.
  • Princess: About 8.7 millimeters
  • Cushion: Almost 9 millimeters
  • Heart: About 10.5 millimeters
  • Pear: Around 13 x 9 millimeters
  • Marquis:  16.5x 8.25 millimeters
  • Asscher: Between 8.5 and 9 millimeters

You can also check out our Diamond Shape Guide for more info!

Diameter measurements reveal that four-carat diamonds aren’t as large as they might seem. A four-carat round brilliant diamond’s diameter is the size of a pea, but, while a four-carat diamond weighs more than four times that of a 0.75 carat diamond, the diamond’s diameter actually is less than double the size of the smaller stone. Remember, carat is weight. But the stone’s size is determined by many other factors.

Setting the Stone in Your 4 Carat Diamond Ring

While the millimeter measurements of a four-carat stone might not be substantial when compared to smaller carats, there are ways to magnify the size of the stone within a ring setting.

To draw emphasis to a 4 carat diamond, set the stone in a solitaire setting. This ensures that all eyes are focused on the diamond, and, as four-carat diamonds typically cost around $25,000, you will want to draw attention to that investment! Light hued metals will enhance the beauty of a nearly colorless diamond, and yellow or rose gold may mask the warm undertones of a less than colorless stone. Add a halo of diamonds around a four-carat solitaire to add even more sparkle and give the illusion of a more prominent stone.

4 carat diamond rings are rare, they are bold, and they are a luxury. While the millimeter measurements might not be dramatic when compared to lesser carat weights, the heft of a four-carat stone will be apparent when it’s worn on the hand. If you are on a budget, prepare to sacrifice one (or more) of the other “C’s” to keep the price a bit more manageable. To get more drama out of your splurge, choose an elongated cut like marquise, oval, emerald or pear to maximize the size of your diamond. Add a halo or side stones to make that stone even bigger, and don’t forget to snap a ring selfie to show it off to the world!

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