What is the Best Setting for a Diamond Bracelet?

Diamond bracelets can elevate the look of any outfit and are an appropriate accessory for casual looks, the office, and especially formal black-tie affairs. While one of the most popular diamond bracelet styles is the “tennis bracelet,” not every bracelet with diamonds is the ubiquitous “tennis” design. A diamond bracelet can be styled in many different and unique settings to create a piece that is personalized and perfectly suited to each individual.

Diamond bracelets can feature architectural prong styles to add dimension, curved designs,  linked chains, sleek satin, or brushed metal work. When you’re on the hunt for the perfect diamond bracelet, these are the most popular settings and styles that you’ll want to consider:

Best Setting for a Diamond Bracelet

The Diamond Tennis Bracelet

A diamond tennis bracelet features a seamless linked chain of diamonds. The link chain design allows the bracelet to bend and move. Tennis bracelets can feature three or four-prong mounts for each diamond, or even a bezel setting to secure the diamonds in place.

Prong Settings

Prong-set tennis bracelets are the traditional style. Prongs are the small metal projections that hold each stone to a piece of jewelry. The number of prongs will change the way a setting is styled, with more prongs offering greater security for the diamond. Larger diamond carats should typically be held by four or more prongs—six is optimal for security. Smaller ctw diamond bracelets, however, can be safely set with three prongs, as in this Three Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet in Yellow Gold:

Best Setting for a Diamond Bracelet

You can see how the style differs from a four-prong setting bracelet, like the white gold bracelet pictured above.

Bezel/Half-Bezel Settings

Bezel set tennis bracelets feature a circle mount that holds each diamond in place; a half-bezel setting features small bars or half circles on each side of the diamond to secure the stone within the setting.  Bezel-set tennis bracelets have a contemporary styling and they are a great choice if your personal style is more modern and streamlined:

Best Setting for a Diamond Bracelet

Here is a similar design with a geometric, modern, half-bezel setting:

Best Setting for a Diamond Bracelet

Diamond Bangle Bracelets

The bangle bracelet can feature a seamless circle of diamonds, a row of stones, or even scattered diamonds throughout the design. Unlike the tennis bracelet, a bangle does not offer movement within the design. Bangles can feature pave or channel settings.

Pave Settings

A pave setting means that the diamonds are embedded within the metal; prongs are still used to secure the stone. This Diamond Bangle Bracelet in White Gold is an example of a pave setting:

Best Setting for a Diamond Bracelet

Channel Setting

This style is denoted by a seamless row of stones that are tension set within the metal. Channel settings offer a clean line of color or sparkle and are an incredibly popular design element.

You can see a channel setting featured in this Princess Channel Diamond Tennis Bracelet In White Gold:

Best Setting for a Diamond Bracelet

Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets are enjoying a style revival. While the traditional charm bracelet is known for a linked chain bedecked with dangling charms, the newer styles feature a bezel design where charms are snapped into the setting.

Best Setting for a Diamond Bracelet

Inset Bezel vs. Traditional Link Designs

While the linked style is the traditional choice, the dangling design offers less protection and security for expensive charms decorated with diamonds or other precious stones. Instead, choose a bezel setting to ensure that these priceless mementos are well protected.

Diamond bracelets aren’t limited to the well-known tennis bracelet design. Diamond bracelets are available in many different styles and settings including chunky bangles and personalized charm bracelets. Choose the bracelet design that you love and enjoy the timeless beauty of this classic accessory!

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