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What NOT To Do A Week Before The Wedding

stressed bride
stressed bride

Wedding coordinators are hired by future spouses to make sure everything goes according to plan during the big day. However, not even the most professional coordinator will be able to help an engaged couple that has neglected to do several important things on their own. Learn the fundamental things to avoid doing just a week before the wedding to prevent nuptial-related disasters.

Gorging on dairy and sodium-laden food.

The weeks before the big day typically mean attending bridal showers, nostalgic get-togethers, bachelor parties for the groom, and other seemingly cozy little celebratory parties. These events with food and alcoholic beverage could get out of hand as far as health and appearance are concerned. Excessive booze, in particular, can make your face look puffy and your skin unnaturally flushed. Dairy and food rich in salt can make you bloat and wreak havoc on your digestive system. Go for lean protein such as fish and chicken breast, and drink lots of water instead of sugary or alcohol-laden beverages.

Going on a drastic workout and diet.

If you have a tried-and-tested workout and diet routine, stick with it up to your wedding day. So-called bride and groom boot camps and diets promising miraculous results will not work a few days before the event. In fact, it is highly possible that injuries and health issues might occur during a drastic workout or a change in eating habits. If you are serious about toning up or losing weight, make sure to enlist in a new routine or diet at least a couple of months before walking down the aisle.

Looking up/getting in touch with exes.

Unless an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend has become a great pal to both you and your soon-to-be-spouse, contacting them as a last hurrah to singledom is not advisable. Exes became exes for a reason. Pretending to seek them out for last-minute marriage or relationship advice over drinks or coffee will not do your future wedded life any good. If an ex you have not heard from in a long while suddenly gets in touch with you a week before the wedding, accept their best wishes but say no to any invitation to get together.

Getting a dramatic, never-before-tried haircut.

Don’t rush to the salon to get a drastic hairstyle just because it looks good on a celebrity or a model! Three months prior to the event, you should have already settled on a cut and color with your stylist for the wedding. This is in accordance with the style of your wedding outfit and makeup. Suddenly changing your mind about your haircut and color can alter your hair’s texture, and can clash with the overall look you’ve picked out for the ceremonies.

Choosing your wedding rings a week before the big day.

Wedding ring engraving can take up to a month. Coming up with a budget for them can take a year. Customizing and re-fitting can take up to several weeks. Don’t leave your wedding ring shopping just a week before you tie the knot. Wearing something on your ring finger for practically your entire married life needs more consideration, effort, and time.

Making major changes in wedding plans.

You’ve long settled on the venue, theme, principal sponsors and entourage, and other major wedding details. Everybody has been informed of these details…and you suddenly have a change of heart about one of them a week before the event! Not a good idea. At least three weeks approaching the wedding, all the key players and vendors involved in your wedding have to be coordinated and must already have planned the most essential aspects of the big day. This way, as the wedding draws near, only minor details and alterations need to be done, and disastrous last-minute changes can be avoided altogether.