10 Of the Most Unique Black Diamond Wedding Rings For Men

Black Diamond Wedding Rings

Black diamond wedding rings for men create a classic and masculine design statement that can embrace either a casual or dramatically modern vibe, depending on the setting style. While white diamonds often infuse a ring design with a more formal appeal, black diamonds act as the ultimate neutral gem choice. Black diamonds can play well in formal styles, and they also can be the perfect diamond hue to create a sleek understated ring.

So what are the best black diamond wedding rings for men? Here are 10 popular designs that prove that black diamonds are the ultimate go-to gem for his ring. Choose the band that complements his lifestyle and attitude.

Black Diamond Meets Carbon Fiber

Drop a small black diamond within a band of carbon fiber to serve as a central focus for a contemporary ring that is etched in all black. Carbon fiber is used in the building of race cars and in aerospace engineering, so this material is the ultimate choice for his ring if he wants an unexpected design.

Black Diamond Wedding Rings

A Diamond Accent

Black diamond wedding rings for men also can feature bolder designs. A contemporary cross may nod to his religious beliefs or symbolize his heritage (as in a Celtic design). This cross design features a solitary black diamond that draws the eye to the center of this modern ring. While the band is set in cobalt, other metal choices can be used depending on his preference.

Black Diamond Wedding Rings

Silver & Black

A silver band is a perfect backdrop for a line of black diamonds. However, black is completely neutral and can be paired with any metal hue. This ring is the ultimate casual meets modern design with a central row of nine black diamonds serving as the main focal point.

Black Diamond Wedding Rings

Intergalactic Black Diamonds

A Gibeon meteorite inlay rests within a brushed yellow gold band for a multi-textured design. Small black diamonds glint from within the meteorite as a nod to the night sky. As the Gibeon meteorite fell to the Earth millions of years ago, this ring is ideal for showcasing eternal love. Or perhaps even a literal interpretation that he’s “out of this world.”

Black Diamond Wedding Rings

Hammered Out

Go dark and dented with a hammered finish black zirconium men’s wedding band. Hammered finishes create texture within a band and the unique bumps and dents offer their own unique style that can stand alone without other details or design elements. An infinite pattern of black diamonds serves as a sleek central design that seamlessly blends into this edgy ring style.

Black Diamond Wedding Rings

Dark Knights

Chain mail once protected valiant knights in battle. But now the unique material serves as the centerpiece of his ring. To add to the dark charm, the edges of this wedding band are trimmed with black diamonds. This is a dark and dramatic choice and is perfect for the goth groom.

Black Diamond Wedding Rings

Shiny Tungsten

A tungsten band featuring a mirrored finish is the ideal setting to display a row of dark black diamonds. This ring is a more formal design, and the addition of the muted black gemstones showcases the masculine appeal. The mirror-like finish of Tungsten draws light and pulls the focus toward the sleek dark stones.

Black Diamond Wedding Rings

Channeling Dark Diamonds

Platinum is a classic choice for men’s rings; it is the hardest metal, it doesn’t tarnish and it can endure more wear and tear on a daily basis. While platinum is an investment metal and comes with a much higher price tag, the precious metal is the best option if he needs a ring that can endure a lot of daily activity. This band is set in brushed platinum and features an eye-catching seamless center of black diamonds.

Black Diamond Wedding Rings

Sculptural Integrity

The appeal of the ring is about both form and function. While design details like scrollwork, engraving, and gemstones create drama and lend to the ring’s style, the shape of the ring also can serve as the main design element. This ring creates a sculptural appeal on the hand, with its concave design scooping inward. A dark center band hugs a black diamond that is set within mirrored cobalt.

Black Diamond Wedding Rings

Steel Appeal

While a wood inlay might not be the best choice for those who are required to be hands-on during the day, Damascus steel offers a similar look with incredible durability. This ring features wood grain Damascus steel laid atop a band of yellow gold. The steel layer hugs a black diamond that is mounted within the yellow gold.

Black Diamond Wedding Rings

Black diamond wedding rings for men offer many design options to complement his lifestyle and personal vibe. Choose sleek mirrored-finish bands for a more formal backdrop or opt for unique materials like carbon fiber or chain mail to design a ring that plays up his casual or edgy style. Black diamonds are versatile, neutral gems that can be paired with any metal hue and setting design to create his ideal wedding band.

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