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From customizable wedding invitations to a list of hand-picked vendors, through to ideas for DIY wedding projects and a gallery of inspiring, real-life photos, Wedding Chicks has all the essentials plus the trimmings for the future bride and groom. Consider it your one-stop shop for anything and everything nuptials-related.

The blog itself is laid out in an unfussy and navigable manner. You can browse through vendors, wedding photo sets, promos, creative projects, free printables, and even do online shopping with just a series of clicks on the navigation bar. Subscribing to Wedding Chicks means being kept up-to-date on the latest deals, sales, and the freshest, most exciting wedding and baby-related products and services.

The Real Weddings section of the blog features various portfolio of beautiful wedding images to take inspiration from. Some of the albums come with a narrative text, while others are pure images or infographics. Popular photo sets include prenuptial ones, as well as details of the wedding trimmings and of what the bride wore.

Readers are also invited to submit their wedding events to be featured on the blog. Shared photos, advertisements for wedding vendors, and other wedding-related info are also encouraged. To get the most out of Wedding Chicks, create an account and sign up for the best deals and to get inspired by creative wedding ideas and visuals.

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