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How to get your wedding party to take your pictures

wedding guests taking photos

wedding guests taking photos

Image Source: www.intimateweddings.com

In this day of instant uploading and gratification, your wedding should not be lacking in beautiful memories caught on cam. They don’t all have to be sleekly or professionally done! Most of the time, candid moments caught by those who really know and care for the couple are the best ones.

So how do you get your wedding guests to take pictures of your cherished moments without nagging them?

Request several people to be on the look-out for picture-perfect moments

Your best friend, your favorite cousin, a doting sibling or uncle…anyone who has a good eye, a decent camera, and cares about you enough to capture your special day with special snapshots can be called upon to do so. Ask them a few weeks before your wedding to take those pictures that are unexpected, will warm the heart, and have that patina of being lovingly captured. Just make sure that they do not have major roles to play during your wedding, so that they don’t have to multi-task and get distracted.

Put a special request note beside their place cards during the reception

More often than not, wedding guests will be willing to pitch in to make your big day more unforgettable. During the reception, why not put a special request card on each place setting requesting to take pictures and send them to you? Another alternative would be to provide the URL of a photo sharing account you’ve created expressly for your wedding pictures.

Encourage online sharing via a photo app

It is safe to expect that majority of your guests will be using smartphones or handheld devices to take pictures of your wedding, instead of using bulky digital cameras. You can encourage guests to download handy apps like the Wedding Party App in the invitation. A special picture app automatically uploads your wedding photos in chronological order. This way, you get an instant timeline of your wedding through the eyes of your guests! These kinds of apps allow free and easy hi-res downloading and personalized touches, too.

Have guests upload photos in one online album

As mentioned, creating an account in a photo-sharing website is a must (Flickr and Picasa are some good examples) before your big day. You can then give the URL to guests via special request cards, or announce it on social network pages. You have the option to approve the pictures submitted before they get uploaded, so as to save you from potentially embarrassing scenes.