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Vintage Style Wedding Bands for Vow Renewals

Vintage Style Wedding Bands

Exchanging vows on your wedding day is more than just an old tradition. It is a pronouncement of your commitment to the person you love in front of all the friends and family members dear to you. The promises you make (and hopefully keep) are an important part of any marriage; following through on your vows will help to keep you on the same team as your spouse – even during the tough times. And it is for this reason that so many couples choose to renew their vows years after they first say I do as a symbol of the continued and refreshed pronouncement made on their wedding day.

Should you exchange rings when you renew your vows? Well, honestly that depends on you. Some couples choose to update their wedding jewelry, swapping out their original bands for upgraded or different rings as part of the ceremony and an additional anniversary gift. Oftentimes, vintage style wedding bands are viewed as an upgrade and become the new style for the couple with a von renewal. Whether you’re looking for larger diamonds, something that’s more “you,” or even something that’s more “both of you,” Brilliance has beautiful vintage style wedding ring options to take your special day to the next level.

Vintage Style Bands For Him:


Two Toned Swirl Men’s Wedding Ring in White & Yellow Gold

A Modern Twist on a Old Classic Men’s Band

The simple gold band has been a wedding ring standard for generations. The elegance and simplicity of the yellow gold circling your wedding ring finger possesses a vintage flair almost automatically for this very reason. However, this ring gives the classic, vintage style wedding bands of old a modern upgrade, mixing the yellow gold ring with a carved, white gold center. These two metals combine for a clean, striking look and a ring that any man would proudly wear to celebrate a wonderful marriage. The finish on the white gold gives the band a distressed, antique look.


Channel Diamond Men’s Wedding Ring in Yellow Gold

Diamonds Bands – A Little Glamour Never Hurt Anybody

Whoever said “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” was underselling their appeal. As it turns out, diamonds make a delightful addition to anyone’s jewelry! This ring, for example, combines yellow gold in a satin finish with seven round cut diamonds. It’s a vintage style wedding band that is sure to make a statement. This ring is great for the man who loves looking his best (the type that’s always wearing a suit, perhaps) and celebrating his wedded bliss with a little something that’s truly beautiful.  

Vintage Style Wedding Bands For Her:


Asscher U-Prong Diamond Eternity Ring in White Gold

For All of Eternity… and Then Some

Eternity bands make delightful wedding rings because they symbolize… well, eternity. A band of diamonds that make a perfect circle around her finger is a wonderful way to show your love – and after many years of marriage, odds are you love her even more! Eternity bands are a fairly new style, dating back to the 60’s, but making one out of Asscher diamonds like this ring give the piece a vintage, Art Deco vibe. You know this vintage style wedding wedding band will be one she can’t wait to show off!


Pave Diamond & Ruby Wedding Ring in Yellow Gold

Gemstone Bands to Make Something Personal

For some couples, the vow renewal ring is an opportunity to personalize–to make your ring a little less traditional and a little more “you.” One great way to do this is with colored gemstones, popular in vintage wedding bands. Choose your favorite color, your birthstone, or maybe even the birthstones of your children to accent the diamonds in a simple vintage style wedding band like this one. A simple design like this seamlessly merges the vintage look of the classic gold band with something that is uniquely you.

Vintage Style Wedding Bands For The Couple:


Hammered Rope Eding Men’s Band in Rose Gold    


Twisted Rope Wedding Ring in Rose Gold

Vintage Wedding Sets – A Perfect Match

Your spouse is your partner, the love of your life, and your best friend in the world. Let the world know with a beautiful ring set that makes the couple unmistakably connected. These rings are a striking matched set. The rose gold men’s band features features the antique style twisted rope with a hammered finish. The women’s band, also in rose, is a simpler version of the twisted rope design. On its own, each ring is a real beauty, but when you put them together they become something even better! These rings are perfect for couples renewing their vows, as it symbolizes their love as well as the strength of their union.

For vow renewals, a vintage style wedding band is perfect for showcasing the timelessness of your relationship. Don’t see the perfect vintage style in our wedding band catalogs? You can also customize your own ring design and create something truly unique at