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Trend Alert: Men’s Wedding Bands with Wood Inlays

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Nail down the newest trend in men’s wedding bands by incorporating warm wood inlays in his wedding ring! Wood details contrast against heavy metals for a back-to-nature organic appeal.

Not all wood is made the same. Each distinct variety holds a symbolic meaning and creates a unique look, resulting in a wide variety of men’s wedding bands with wood. Polished wood adds an edge of class, while wood with a heavy grain adds texture and visual depth. Gemstones or diamonds may nest within the wood for a touch of color that hints at leaves, drops of rain, or just as a simple accent to draw attention to the hand.

There are many varieties of woods to use in his ring, but the right wood should look amazing on his hand and reflect his individuality and style. Casual, elegant, serene or dramatic, each wood brings the element of earth into the sacred vows of marriage.

mens wedding bands wood

Beveled Diamond Men’s Wedding ring with Koa Wood Inlay in Tungsten


Endemic to the Hawaiian islands, koa trees produce a beautiful and highly-prized wood with a warm brown color with hues of red and a dark vertical grain. To the locals, “koa” means warrior and is a great choice for men with strong personalities, or for those who love the ocean. Koa pairs well with both white and warm metals, so select Koa to present to your personal warrior.

mens wedding bands wood

Red Oak Wood Inlay Men’s Wedding Ring in Yellow Gold


Oak wood is known for its strength and durability. Red oak is reddish blond in hue with darker highlights within the grain. This variety of wood looks amazing when set within warmer metals like rose or yellow gold. Choose this wood to symbolize his strength.

mens wedding bands wood


Woodworkers Source notes that teak is “naturally durable and weathers well. The wood grows in Asia and is light brown in hue. Choose this wood variety to symbolize the man who is known to weather any storm for you. Like oak, teak pairs well with warm metals, but cooler hues draw attention and create a modern design.

mens wedding bands wood

Zebra Wood Inlay Men’s Ring in Tungsten


Zebra wood features an amazingly unique grain that blends dark streaks with lighter brown hues that resemble a zebra. This wood hails from South Africa and has been associated with love and luck. Set this wood within a lighter metal like tungsten to create contrast and draw attention to the amazing grain.

mens wedding bands wood

Olive Wood Inlay Men’s Ring in Tungsten


Native to Italy and other warm areas (including Africa), olive wood has a grain that features swirls of warm browns and soft caramel hues. This wood can be integrated as an inlay to represent his heritage or it can be used to represent “the good of charity” as a nod to the Bible. Highlight the heavenly hue of this wood with a durable white metal such as tungsten.

mens wedding bands wood

Carpathian Wood Inlay Men’s Wedding Ring in Black Ceramic


The Carpathian Elm grows in Europe—in the area of the Carpathian Mountains. This is a true goth wood—Bran Castle (known as Dracula’s castle) is located in the Carpathian Mountains. Traditional yellow gold or vintage rose gold are a perfect match for the deep color of this elm… or commit to the darkness with a truly unique black ceramic band.

mens wedding bands wood

Purpleheart Wood Inlay Men’s Wedding Ring in Tungsten


If he wants color in his ring, choose Purpleheart wood for its natural dark violet hue. Purpleheart is a spiritual wood and may also be a symbol of wisdom. Set within warm metals, purpleheart appears more reddish in hue. White metals bring out the blue undertones of the wood.

mens wedding bands wood

Mahogany Wood Inlay Men’s Domed Wedding Ring in Tungsten


This wood hails from Africa, and its grain features a multidimensional appearance. Mahogany has a slightly orange undertone, and the grain detailing resembles amber hued streaks. Mahogany is a classic wood and remains refined in all settings.

mens wedding bands wood

Padauk Wood Inlay Men’s Wedding Band in Rose Gold


This wood is also native to Africa and features a warm, almost orange hue. According to Wood Magazine, the pillars of King Solomon’s temple were crafted from Padauk. If your man has the wisdom of Solomon, choose this wood and pair it with a warm rose gold.

mens wedding bands wood

Ash Wood Inlay Men’s Wedding Ring in Yellow Gold with Diamond Accent


Pale blond Ash is delicate in appearance and blends seamlessly with yellow gold. Add a small diamond or his birthstone as an accent against this subtle hued wood.

mens wedding bands wood

Black Walnut Wood Inlay Men’s Ring in Black Ceramic

Black Walnut

The walnut tree has been linked to witchcraft, and the dark hue of this wood holds a feeling of midnight magic. Blackened metals or ceramic make for a dramatic pairing, while silver toned metals like platinum accentuate the dark features of the wood.

mens wedding bands wood

Cherry Wood Inlay Men’s Flat Wedding Ring in Rose Gold


The dark reddish tone of this North American wood compliments both warm and cool metals. It’s often used in furniture due to it’s fine textured grain and for how well its color grows richer over time. The cherry tree also is known as a symbol for mindfulness.

mens wedding bands wood

Sapele Wood Inlay Men’s Flat Wedding Ring in Yellow Gold


Sapele wood is found in Africa, features a honey-hued finish, and is similar to mahogany. This wood looks best when set within warm metals.

mens wedding bands wood

Black Ebony Wood Inlay Men’s Beveled Ring in Black Ceramic

Black Ebony

The darkest of all woods, Black Ebony features a striking deep nearly black surface. This wood is perfect to use as a contrast against both light and warm metals. Or go bold and pair it with black ceramic.

mens wedding bands wood

Cobalt Chrome Men’s Band with Leopard Wood Inlay

Leopard Wood

This wood features a grain that resembles leopard spots—thus the name! This wood inlay is ideal for him if he has a wild streak or if he just doesn’t follow the crowd with his style. Pair it with any metal or go crazy and use this inlay with Mokume Gane style bands.

There is a wood to reflect any style and every personality. Pick an inlay that best represents him and pair it with warm metals, cool hues or dark ceramic. Add diamonds or gemstones to customize the look or use the wood as a main accent to nail down a classic and refined style.