5 Ways to Livestream Your Wedding

Livestream Your Wedding

Livestreaming gives couples an opportunity to share the intimacy and memorable moments of their wedding ceremony with friends and family who are unable to attend the event in person. Those living across oceans or state lines, loved ones who might be bedridden or sick in the hospital and even casual Facebook friends can view the wedding in real-time and not miss one moment of the magic.

Many couples consider livestreaming as an integral part of their wedding details—a live broadcast of the ceremony is given as much matrimonial importance today as professional photographers and videographers. Especially if you are planning a destination wedding–livestreaming can bring everyone to your wedding!

The costs of livestreaming a wedding vary—depending on if the couple chooses DIY options or hires a professional. However, livestreaming the ceremony has become so popular that there are numerous companies that specialize in these services for weddings.

Like every other wedding vendor that a couple books for their big day, each streaming service offers different packages and pricing options. While DIY may be a cheaper route, it is by far the least reliable. When planning to broadcast the biggest event of a lifetime to a wide audience, going pro is the best option.

There are, of course, a few caveats to a live broadcast. Livestreaming the ceremony means that the couple must remember that the event is broadcast in real time and cannot be censored. The world—or at least part of the world—is watching. If you’re livestreaming, you might want to restrict the open bar! And if she needs to bustle that dress, make sure her bridesmaids know how to do it right. We don’t need any costume malfunctions.


Livestreaming comes with risks, so make sure to lace up.

Couples preparing to take their event live should check out these livestreaming options:

I Do Stream

Offering both a DIY package and a professional network of videographers, I Do Stream also provides streaming services for either an all-day event or just the ceremony. Prices for the DIY package begin at $199, and the company provides instructions on how to connect to their streaming servers.  Couples choosing the DIY approach also may choose to use an equipment rental kit, which includes a laptop, HD camcorder, tripod and software for $595.

My Streaming Wedding

Multiple packages for live-streaming services are offered by My Streaming Wedding. Their DIY package also offers instructions to download webcasting software and allows couples to stream on their server to unlimited viewers. The cost for the DIY package is $250 for two hours. Professional services are available and include a personalized web page; prices vary as professional packages can be tailored to fit the couple. Equipment for DIY couples also may be rented through the company for $650 for two hours—the equipment includes a laptop, HD camera, wireless microphone, capture card, cables and other accessories.

Net Nuptials

The premise for Net Nuptials isn’t to offer just a livestream of the wedding but a “wedding production.” An entire crew—including a production manager/technical director, a sound engineer, numerous camera operators, and an optional host/hostess—creates the live broadcast of the ceremony. The livestream includes unlimited viewership. The company also offers engagement films, wedding films and photography.


Just remember, it’s still live, so you only get one take!

Go Local

Couples who want to stay true to their roots by contracting with local vendors may find nearby livestreaming services by contacting their photographer or videographer. Some professional photographers may offer ceremony livestreaming as part of a wedding package or they may be able to recommend companies that provide the service in your area.  

Ultimate DIY

Not interested in hiring a professional? Go the old-fashioned route and do it yourself. Livestreaming requires internet connection, preferably a high-def camera, a mic to improve the audio of the captured vows and a site to host the livestream. One option is to use Periscope to stream the event and tweet the link to the guest list. Be sure to list the stream as private, so the wedding isn’t broadcast to the entire world. Or go ahead and share it with the world for widespread notoriety! Couples may also set up a private YouTube channel to broadcast and view their wedding livestream.

Whether couples choose a professional or take a DIY approach to broadcast their magnificent matrimonial motion picture in real time, livestreaming allows the memories to reach everyone who couldn’t physically be there for the big day. From loved ones who might be ill in the hospital to friends across the ocean or Instagram followers who just want a glimpse of the dress, the defining moments spread beyond the walls of the venue to embrace and enchant guests everywhere and anywhere.

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