Gemstones for Men: Ruby Rings & Wedding Bands

mens ruby rings

Rubies are one of the world’s most precious gemstones, cherished for their magnificent beauty and deep red color.

In fact, they’ve been considered precious through much of human history. The ruby is cited four times in the Bible and was also mentioned by Roman scholar Pliny in his Natural History. The ruby’s resemblance to the color of blood has long made it a symbol of life force and power. This is perhaps the reason that ruby has often been worn by royalty and those in other positions of power—like Queen Elizabeth’s Burmese Ruby Tiara, or Papal rings, like the men’s ruby ring owned by Pope Paul VI.

Today, rubies are worn for all sorts of occasions. Anyone born in July may want to flaunt their birthstone, while ruby red makes a perfect gift for a romantic Valentine’s or an anniversary (the 40th in particular!).

The rich hue and unique symbolism make rubies an ideal choice for men’s rings. Whether it’s as a small accent stone or bold solitaire, here’s everything you need to know about this gemstone:

Pave Diamond & Ruby Wedding Ring in Yellow Gold

Pave Diamond & Ruby Wedding Ring in Yellow Gold

Rubies in Wedding Rings

Wedding bands can be thin and simplistic or larger with many gems and details. The ruby can be used in simple and bolder designs to provide a pop of color or to create complex designs. A pave or channel setting creates a line of sleek rubies within a simple wedding band. Opt for larger rubies if he wants a bolder flash of red.

Men’s ruby rings can also incorporate diamond details alongside the red rubies. You can alternate diamonds and rubies to harness color and fire, or pair rubies with another gemstone—like sapphires or black diamonds—to create a colorful pattern or to represent someone special.

Use red rubies to create unique designs within a band. Draw a ruby red heart in a ring, a cross, or create patriotic stripes by pairing lines of rubies and sapphires.

Antique Halo Radiant Cut Diamond and Ruby Ring

Antique Halo Radiant Cut Diamond and Ruby Ring

Other Considerations for Men’s Ruby Rings

Rubies can be used in men’s rings to hold a unique symbolism or just to add color. If you want a really unique solitaire ring, don’t choose a centralized ruby for your ring. Instead, set the ruby flush left or flush right for an updated asymmetrical design.

When choosing a ruby as the main gemstone for a ring, know that rubies can come in a wide spectrum of shades from deep red to light pink. If you’re looking for the traditional deep ruby red, check the color grade of your gemstone before buying it—especially if you’re buying a loose stone first.

When it comes to the setting, you’ll also want a metal that will flatter the color of your stone. Rubies are best accentuated with white metals like platinum and white gold. A yellow gold ring will bring out the warmth in a red, which may be good for rubies with a lighter color. Rose gold, however, may clash with the red.

Want a truly unique gemstone ring? A ruby is a fantastic choice. Its rich history and richer color make it a bold and beautiful accessory on any hand.

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