Five “Something Old” Wedding Items We Love

Old Wedding Items

Previously, we featured some of the most common items which brides like to borrow for their wedding ceremony. Today, we shine the spotlight on those old wedding items bestowed upon future brides, or ones they’ve chosen as an important accessory for their special day.

What do brides usually use for something old? Whatever the bride chooses, it should be a personal item with plenty of meaning and significance. Whether it’s to follow tradition or to incorporate a little marital luck into a bride’s nuptials, it can’t hurt to add something charming and meaningful by way of hand-me-down things from beloved people. Here are a few “something old” ideas for the bride that we truly love.

Something small from mom's wedding wardrobe

1. Something Small From Mom’s Wedding Wardrobe

A small item from the bride’s mother, grandmother, aunt, or any other cherished older woman who has experienced a happy marriage not only brings luck to her own impending marriage. It also serves as a symbolic link to her past before she joins her husband in her new life, post-wedding.

It can be a piece of lace or fabric from their old wedding dress discreetly sewn into the new bridal gown. Or it can be a pair of gloves, a veil, a jeweled hair pin, a string of pearls, shoes, or just about any token from their own wedding wardrobe.

A vintage car

2. A Vintage Car

Traveling to the wedding venue in style, not going over-budget with the wedding expenses, and incorporating the “something old” custom on one’s big day can be achieved in one go. If a relative or close friend has a nice vintage car in a pale color, why not consider borrowing it for the occasion? Vintage is always a great motif for any wedding, and a well-kept vintage car will always add a beautiful patina to any nuptial event (as well as make a great addition to the photo-ops).

Heirloom crystal-ware

3. Heirloom Crystalware or China for the Reception

A bride who is the proud recipient of cherished dinnerware from older female relatives can use these items for her reception as accent pieces.

For instance, a heavy crystal vase can hold flowers as a centerpiece for the newlyweds’ table, or a cake stand/server can hold the wedding cake in place. There are many ways to get creative with heirloom china and cutlery during a wedding reception.

place with meaningful history

4. A Relative’s Estate or Any Other Place With Meaningful History

Perhaps it is the home where the bride or groom spent childhood summers in, or maybe it’s the place where their parents had their own wedding reception.

Instead of booking a posh, expensive reception venue, think about holding your wedding in a place with a special history for the bride or groom. If it belongs to a family member or friend, the couple might not even have to pay to rent the place out, making the decision a practical as well as a sentimental one.

A childhood pillow

5. A Childhood Pillow

The bride or groom’s baby pillow can be resurrected and re-purposed into something for the wedding, such as the pillow that holds the wedding rings. Add some lace trimmings, ribbon, and embroidery to it so it looks presentable during the ceremony.

These are just a few of the top old wedding items we love for this age-old tradition: the possibilities are endless. The brilliant part of the “something old” tradition is that nearly anything that has sentimental value can work, so you can truly tailor it to have significance to your relationship and marriage.

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