Top Jewelry Trends for 2015

Top Jewelry Trends

The year 2015 has shown us a new princess, a planet we had yet to explore and that love is equal. The jewelry trends have been far from a disappointment as well! The term Vintage has been given new life. Mangagement rings have taken the world by storm. Yellow gold is coming back with a vengeance and fancy colored diamonds are making waves.

Vintage Rings

Vintage and antique jewelry have made a huge comeback in 2015. The majority of vintage rings are kept in the family and passed down through generations. Luckily instead of hunting down your dream ring, you can now purchase a vintage style ring. The beauty of a vintage ring lies in the intricate details. The Antique Solitaire Engagement Ring in White Gold (shown above) possesses vintage design on the interior and exterior of the band while showcasing the beauty of the diamond.

Mangagement Rings

With the groundbreaking ruling legalizing gay marriage in the United States, mangagement rings are gaining popularity. The term Mangagement is used to describe a men’s engagement ring. Whether styled like a traditional men’s wedding band or dripping in diamonds, Brilliance offers a full line of Mangagement rings. The Mangagement ring shown above exhibits the term dripping in diamonds. The Eros Diamond Mangagement Ring in Yellow Gold boasts a 2 carat center diamond encompassed by 36 pave set stones.

Alternative Metals

After a small dip in popularity, yellow gold is back with a vengeance. Following suit with last year the price of yellow gold has continued to drop in 2015, aiding its popularity. While white gold and platinum remain a few favorites, we have a new contender gaining ground. Rose Gold (see image above) is the latest metal to be poised on fingers everywhere. 

Diamond Shapes

2015 has welcomed a few new forerunners in the most popular diamond shapes. Following the vintage trend, vintage cut diamonds have taken over. Two of the most beloved being Asscher cuts and Cushion cuts (see image above). Emerald cut diamonds are also making a big comeback this year and can be spotted on the fingers of Beyonce and Angelina Jolie. Stepping out of the spotlight, the Princess cut diamond is decreasing in popularity.

Fancy Color Diamonds

Pink is on its way out! In 2002, Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez with a 6 carat fancy pink diamond causing a burst in popularity for the unique stone. This year the fancy yellow diamond has surpassed its pink predecessor with celebrities Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood sporting canary diamonds. The breathtaking fancy yellow diamond ring shown above is a custom design created by us here at Brilliance.

Whether showcasing a vintage ring or a Mangagement ring, consider rose gold as an alternative to common metals. When purchasing diamonds, remember that Asscher, Cushion and Emerald cuts show off vintage beauty and style. Fancy yellow diamonds look stunning in these vintage cuts and showcase your exclusive taste.