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Under-Bidders for Angelina Jolie’s Jewelry

Angelina Jolie’s Jewelry

Angelina Jolie’s Jewelry

Apparently, Angeline Jolie, despite her perceived perfection, doesn’t have what it takes. At least not yet, when it comes to selling jewelry she helped design.

A recent Hong Kong auction saw only under-bidders for a choker and a ring that the famous actress co-designed with Robert Procop. No sales were made as a result. The June 15 sale at Tiancheng International featured a platinum and diamond choker called “Elise”, which she wore in the 2010 movie “The Tourist”. There was also a ring which Ms Jolie ornamented with 9.17-carat emerald from Colombia. Both pieces of jewelry failed to meet early estimates of a modestly high price range (around $200,000 to over $700,000) and received bids way below them.

Attendees of the Tiancheng International auction were apparently more interested in a couple of non-celebrity pieces, such as the pair of jadeite bangles which an anonymous Asian buyer bought for $6.9 million. Jadeite and diamonds seemed to have been event favorites, as illustrated by a suite of earrings, a ring, and a necklace featuring both precious materials that sold for $2.4 million.

Proceeds from the sales of the Angelina Jolie-designed jewelry pieces would have gone to her nonprofit organization called the Education Partnership For Children in Conflict.

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