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Creative Cake Toppers

Origami or cut outs

A pair of ceramic doves. Bride and groom figurines. Sugar icing flowers. These are just some of the typical toppers one sees on a wedding cake. These days, however, more and more couples are getting creative and eco-friendly with their choice of cake decoration. The awesome thing about it? The conscious choice of environmentally sound materials and sources do not compromise the charm and appeal of these wedding cake toppers.

Vintage figurines

Instead of buying new bride and groom figurines, consider recycling a pair from your parents’ or grandparents’ own wedding cakes. Not only will the gesture lend historical and sentimental value to your cake, but it will also be a practical one (you won’t have to shell out a dime, and recycling means you can pass the figures on to another to-be-wed couple). Plus, they will fit right in if you’re going for a vintage wedding theme.

A special note on vintage cake toppers, though: make sure they are lead-free, as some turn-of-the-century pieces are known to contain harmful heavy metals.

Vintage figurinesImage Source: elizabethannedesigns.com

Edible sculpture

No longer just for kiddie parties, edible cake toppers in different themes (and flavors!) are now main features on many wedding cakes. The cakes themselves have become works of art rendered in fondant and other forms of frosting. The great thing about these customized decorative confectionery is that they can reflect your own unique personality. There are many kinds of toppers and edible cake décor to choose from, be it whimsical, funny, poetic, or classic. (And they taste quite scrumptious, too.)

Edible sculptureImage Source: etsystatic.com

Themed toys

Give in to the urge if you and your future spouse are kids at heart. Go ahead, use your favorite toys or comic book/movie/cartoon characters as cake toppers! From action figures to dolls, through to wooden toys and even plush ones, a cake topper can become the best tool to celebrate both your childhood and your future together as a married couple. Using toys you already have means you won’t have to set aside a budget for a new cake topper. Just make sure to thoroughly clean any toy you will set atop your cake, for hygienic purposes


Themed toysImage Source: farm1.static.flickr.com

Origami or cut-outs

If you’re skilled at paper-folding or making intricate cut-outs, why not create your own cake topper? Origami cranes, flowers, and figures, paper silhouette brides and grooms, or linked paper wedding bands make for pretty cake décor…and add that personal touch no other store-bought topper can hope to emulate.

Origami or cut outsImage Source:3.bp.blogspot.com

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