How to Pick Men’s Wedding Bands that Match His Personality

He’s already done the work picking out a stunner of an engagement ring that suits you to a tee, but now it’s your turn. As the days tick down towards your wedding, you’ll need to select a wedding band to give him when you exchange your vows.

You might think wedding bands are boring, just a plain circle of metal with not much to them, so it doesn’t matter what you choose. There you’d be wrong — a wedding band can have just as much personality and symbolic meaning as the splashiest engagement rings. Whether you’re shaking up the metal you use for the band or choosing a more ornate design, the options for men’s wedding bands are a lot more varied and personalized than you might think.

You want to choose a wedding band that suits his personality. If he’s a flashy, go-getter, choose a ring that catches people’s eye. Maybe he’s a strong, silent type — pick a band as solid, traditional, and understated as he is. No matter your groom’s personality, there’s a wedding band for him. Here’s a guide to choosing wedding bands that match his personality. Or if you want to cut straight to shopping, then be sure to check out the full selection of men’s wedding bands available to buy online at Brilliance.com

If he’s a traditional type:

Is your future groom very traditional? Does he prefer muted colors and well-tailored suits? He’s all about letting you take the spotlight while he remains a supportive figure at your side. If your future partner is a more understated, old-fashioned guy, choose a ring design that’s as timeless as your love:

Traditional wedding bands:

  • Mid-weight milgrain wedding band
  • Beveled wedding band
  • Flat wedding band
  • Comfort fit
  • Low Dome

These simple, sleek, and stunning designs make it easy sticking to the tradition of a plain band of metal with few extra bells and whistles. They speak for themselves, their circular shape signifying the eternal nature of your love.

You can select any metal with these rings, whether it be yellow gold, white gold, platinum, or titanium. If your partner has a secret playful side, you could shake things up by getting a band that is simple in design, but in a more non-traditional metal like rose gold.

If he’s an outdoorsman who loves the natural world:

Maybe your future hubby is an outdoorsman of the highest order. He loves hiking, fishing, and camping and would rather be outside than anywhere else. Get him a wedding band that reflects his love of nature.

Nature-themed bands:

  • Wooden bands
  • Camo bands
  • Natural designs

If you prefer something more understated, there are countless options for a wooden wedding band. Our wooden bands come with wood inlays in countless grains, shades, and designs; whether your partner wants a rich mahogany, a brighter cherry hue, or a dark ebony, there is something just for him. Another more playful option that still feels subtle is a camo band. Get a camo pattern inlaid in a metal band for something sleek and modern. Or opt for a ceramic camo band if you want to go a little more artsy. If he’s more beachy than woodsy, opt for a mother-of-pearl inlaid band.

Maybe your groom wants to broadcast their love of nature to the world — opt for a band with an engraved natural design, whether it’s pine trees, the trunks of aspen, deer antlers, or ducks, there are so many beautiful designs you can tailor to his interest.

If he’s a burgeoning tech genius:

Maybe your guy is a pioneer in tech, killing it in his career as an engineer or launching his own start-up. Whether he’s an early adopter or actually designing new tech himself, he’ll likely want a band as minimal, forward-thinking, and modern-looking as his tastes.

Modern weddings bands:

When it comes to picking a sleek, modern ring, it’s all about the metal you use. White gold and platinum are gorgeous, but they’re extremely traditional. If your guy is always looking to the future, you’ll want to select a metal as non-traditional and cutting-edge as he is. Nowadays, wedding bands come in a wide variety of metals, but the braided styles of carbon fiber or the sleek, stylish lines of titanium and cobalt will be the perfect match for his edgier, tech style.

If he’s a hopeless romantic:

Did he sweep you off your feet with his romantic ways? Is he a big softie that’s in love with love and has never failed to wow you with a romantic gesture? Get him a ring that captures the essence of the romantic in his soul.

Romantic bands:

If he’s more the old-fashioned romantic type, he may just prefer a classic look — a plain metal, traditional band. But if he’s a bit more flashy, go for the ultimate symbol of romance — the diamond. You can customize depending on how much bling you think befits his personality — anything from a single inset diamond to a pave band to a really ornate double channel band.

If he’s a history geek:

Maybe your future spouse is very into history — whether he’s a casual reader of historical fiction or an honest-to-goodness history professor, he just loves everything about the past. Get a ring that honors those traditions and interests.

Celtic rings draw on some of the most time-honored historical traditions of love and marriage, using symbols that have come to stand for matrimony, devotion, love, and more over the centuries. Whether you go for the understated design of a celtic knot, the highly symbolic claddagh ring, or the more romantic celtic heart, there are countless historically inspired designs to choose from if this is the way to his heart.

If he’s a science nerd:

Does the cosmos or the science behind fossils really get your guy going? If he’s a scientist or highly rational, pragmatic, and into how things work, there are plenty of sleek, science-inspired designs that will make his nerdy heart sing.

Science-inspired rings:

If your partner is super into space, whether he’s an astrophysicist or just can’t wait for the next NASA launch, we have a wedding band that will truly be out of this world. Our meteorite bands are crafted with actual pieces of Gibeon meteorite, so he can always carry a little piece of the universe around with him to remind him of how universally infinite your love is.

If his love of science is more earth-bound, we also have our utterly unique dinosaur rings, which not only pay tribute to the reptiles who once ruled the planet but contain actual fossil fragments. It’s a meaningful symbol if you want to give him a ring that has truly stood the test of time.

Whether your groom is a traditional romantic, a history lover, or a total science nerd, there’s a wedding band that is the perfect fit for his unique personality.

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