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Men’s Ring Size Tips: How to Find the Right Fit

Men's Ring Size Tips

Finding the right ring size isn’t always easy when you’re shopping for your partner’s wedding band or engagement ring. Men—especially those who don’t wear rings—might have no idea whatsoever as to what size ring they wear.  Ensuring the right ring size is important for both comfort and loss prevention, and uncovering his ideal size is easier than you think.

We’ve talked about how to ‘guess’ ring size before, but now we want to ensure that buyers know how to find their exact ring size. Wedding bands are typically not surprise pieces—every groom anticipates receiving and wearing one. And when you’re hunting for his forever ring, you need to make sure you order the right size.

Men Ring Size Measurements

Get Measured

Shopping in store? All jewelers have ring sizers that men can use to find their ideal ring size. These nifty gadgets are just plain rings that he will try on to uncover his size. The ring needs to slide over his knuckle with ease but not have too much mobility on the base of the finger. Ideally, he needs to try the ring on during the early part of the day.

Print a Measuring Tape

Online stores—like Brilliance!—offer another way to measure the finger: a printable tape measure. Just print out the template and then wrap the measuring tape around the finger to find his size.

Men Ring Size Measurements

Use Another Ring as the Guide

If he already wears a ring, use it to find the size for a wedding band. You can also print out a ring size guide that allows you (or him) to place the ring on a grid to discover his correct ring size.

Sizing Tips

  • The most popular ring size for men is a size 10. If you are ordering his ring, and you have absolutely no idea what size to choose, you can opt to order the standard. Rings can be sized up or down…but this may be an extra fee.
  • Cold causes the hand to shrink. So a ring that may fit well in normal temperatures might be too loose when the thermostat drops. You want a semi-loose fit, but the ring shouldn’t flop around at room temperature.
  • Fingers also tend to swell as the day goes on, so measure as late in the day as possible to ensure you don’t buy a ring that’s a good fit in the morning, but too tight in the evening.
  • Width of the band can also affect the fit of the ring. You may need to size up or down depending on the heft of his band.
  • Like clothing, each country has a different measuring system for ring sizes. He may wear one size in the U.S. and another in the U.K. He may need to get measured if you don’t know his U.S. size.

When you’re hunting for his wedding band, this isn’t the time to guess his size. Print out size charts or head to a local jeweler to get his finger fitted, then you can select the perfect symbolic band!