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Jewelry Through the Decades: 1950s – Today

Jewelry through the Decades

Jewelry trends change with fashion and each decade of the past has held its own signature looks. A piece of jewelry has the power to take an outfit to the next level, so it’s no wonder that certain styles have remained iconic through the years.

If you’ve wondered who your jewelry spirit animal might be, wonder no longer! Check out our infographic on “Jewelry through the Decades: 1950s-Today” and discover the style icon—and the decade—that speaks to your personality and your personal style.

Jewelry through the Decades infographic

Timeless Looks

Classic accessories never go out of style. And pearl strands, diamond pendants or stud earrings remain elegant and timeless. Fashion icons like Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn prove that the perfect outfits combined with must-have classic accessories remain stylish through the decades… and into the 21st century.

Cyclical Trends

Like fashion fads, some jewelry looks have come and gone as the next decade ushers in the next best look. From nature-inspired accessories from the 70s (like mood rings and owl pendants) to Madonna’s crazy 80’s oversized cross necklaces and layers of rubber bracelets, some accessories are pure throwbacks to certain generations.

Yet, as history repeats, so, too, do fashion fads. And even the most over-the-top looks from the past have somehow made a comeback with a younger generation. While very few fashionistas would consider bold massive plastic 80s accessories timeless, they somehow were back en vogue in recent years. And many other past jewelry trends also enjoyed a fashionable resurgence. Nature-inspired pendants, mood rings, woven leather jewelry and vintage-inspired luxe looks all have reappeared—decades later—on celebrities or in street style.

Whether you love big bold earrings and accessories or simple and classic styles of jewelry, accessories and fashion work best when they channel individual personality and style. Like so many points in fashion, it’s not what you wear, but how you wear a piece that makes it memorable. Attitude and confidence mix to create a style icon. It’s all up to you!