Engagement Rings

Unique Engagement Rings for Modern Women

Unique Engagement Rings for Women

A woman’s engagement ring is much more than a piece of jewelry. This ring represents her relationship with the love of her life — and everything her partner loves about her. These days, many couples eschew the traditional ring styles for something more unique.

What type of ring will your future bride fall in love with? The answer depends on her personality: is she into chic and modern looks, old-fashioned elegance, or glitzy glamor?

Maybe the ring combines all three styles! In fact, some of 2017’s hottest trends for women’s modern engagement rings feature vintage-inspired settings.

Below we’ve listed some of our favorite designs from this year, from unique diamond cuts to eye-catching colors. Here you can get inspired and find the perfect ring style for your perfect partner.

unique engagement rings for women

Scroll-Work Milgrain Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Antique Edwardian Elegance

Jewelry resembling Edwardian-era design is known for delicacy and femininity. An engagement ring in this style is strikingly beautiful, with a sparkling center diamond and intricate detailing along the band for an elegant, antique look.

The ring pictured above is an excellent example of the Edwardian style. The band features scrollwork and milgrain (little balls along the band) for a lovely, old-fashioned touch. With these stunning details, a diamond of any size or shape will look magnificent.

unique engagement rings for women

Marquise Diamond Twisted Petal Engagement Ring

Classic Looks with a Vintage Twist

Most people are familiar with the “classic” engagement ring: a solitaire diamond (usually Round-cut) set in a yellow gold band. These days, that simple look is getting an upgrade with fancy diamond shapes (like the marquise cut above), accent stones, and twisting, turning patterns on the band.

Modernizing a classic style is a great way to — pardon the pun — marry old fashions with new trends. You can give her a timeless symbol of your love while still keeping up with present-day styles. Trust me, she’ll love it!

unique engagement rings for women

Floral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in White Gold

Heavenly Halo Settings

Halos have been a popular way to dress up diamonds for a while, and this trend is still going strong! Halos are a beautiful addition to any diamond — they can even be a cost-effective way to make smaller diamonds look bigger.

There are many ways to modernize the halo, too. An adjustment to your setting can turn a simple halo into a beautiful flower. You can also put halos around nontraditional diamond cuts, like heart- or pear-shaped stones. Just get creative!


Cross Split-Shank Cushion Halo Engagement Ring in Rose Gold

Stunning Split Shanks

A split shank setting refers to an engagement ring band that splits into two distinct bands as it approaches the center diamond. This look is incredibly modern and chic, and it makes your finger look more slender. Split shanks also give you double the opportunity to dress up the band with accent stones.

The picture above shows you just how much you can do with a split shank. The intertwining pattern, the milgrain details, and the diamonds sparkling all along the band make this ring a real showstopper.

unique engagement rings for women

Swirl Style Amethyst Engagement Ring with Cushion Diamond

Colorful and Customized Rings

Although the saying goes, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” many women want a little color in their engagement rings. That’s why accent gemstones have become so popular. A pop of her favorite color will turn her ring into something truly individualized.

If she loves red, decorate the band with pave set rubies. If she loves purple, add a few amethysts. You can even consider black or chocolate diamonds for the woman who loves a bit of mystery. The right color makes any ring feel personalized.

Of course, if you think you know what your ring should like, it’s easy to buck all the trends and customize a ring yourself. At Brilliance, we’ll work with you to customize a ring that will sweep your woman off her feet every time she looks at it!