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Simple Engagement Rings for Minimalist Brides-to-Be

simple engagement rings

Low-key style doesn’t have to be underwhelming. Minimalism doesn’t equal plain. Simple engagement rings are refined, cool and chic. These rings are the jewelry equivalent of your cool best friend, the girl everyone loves. She’s not a supermodel, but she turns heads. There’s a reason why simplicity is so beloved.

Embrace minimalism for simple engagement rings. Let the centerpiece, the designs and the sculpted metals speak for themselves. These engagement ring designs are understated, and they create amazing statements. Let’s check them out now:

Sculpted Metals

Use the band as the ring’s conversational element. To infuse personality into a simple ring design, use sculptured metals that create interest, like this twisted rope design.

simple engagement rings

Twisted Rope Solitaire Engagement Ring In White Gold

A tapered metal band embraces the minimalist design without being too basic. The tapered width of the band draws the eye to your choice of a center stone. A smaller carat center stone keeps the look low-key.

simple engagement rings

Flat Taper Solitaire Engagement Ring In Yellow Gold

Simple, solid bands are a traditional choice and the ultimate in minimalism. Select a thinner band to keep the look of the ring as unobtrusive as possible. A half-carat round brilliant diamond set within this 2mm rose gold band is the ultimate in stunning simplicity.

simple engagement rings

Comfort-Fit Solitaire Engagement Ring In Rose Gold (2mm)

Bezel settings encase the diamond or center gemstone in a halo of metal. This setting protects the stone and is a modern, minimalist design. Choose a satin finish for a casual styling to this sculptural setting.

simple engagement rings

Bezel-Set Cushion Diamond Ring with Satin Finish

Delicate Details

Plain metal bands aren’t the only way to create a stunningly minimalist design. Choose settings that feature romantic etchings, like this antique floral solitaire setting. An emerald or Asscher shaped diamond adds sleek vintage elegance to this setting, and the regal step facet cuts found within these shapes keep the ring understated.

simple engagement rings

Antique Floral Solitaire Engagement Ring In White Gold

Romantic designs can decorate a flat band without overwhelming it. This knife-edge band features delicate leaf and floral designs on the top and bottom of the ring. Keep the centerpiece stone simple and clear to play well against the light-hued metal.

simple engagement rings

Antique Floral Knife Edge Diamond Engagement Ring (1 Carat)

Dainty Solitaires

Large diamonds aren’t for every woman. Some want dainty centerpieces that look refined on the hand, and these smaller center stones may be bordered by diminutive diamonds encrusted within the band. While there may be more sparkle in the ring because of the extra diamonds, these tiny accents don’t overwhelm the simplicity of the ring’s design.

This nearly 0.30 carat marquise center stone is set within a white gold band dazzling with tiny white diamonds nestled in a U-prong design. For this style of setting, keep the center stone below a half carat for a stunning but simplistic ring.

simple engagement rings

U-Prong Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring (0.30 ct.)

There is no diamond shape more romantic than that of the heart engagement ring. This nearly-colorless heart-shaped diamond sparkles solo against a dainty, white gold tapered band. The ring is simple, but the unique diamond shape adds an exquisite design element.

simple engagement rings

Colorless Solitaire Heart Diamond Engagement Ring

Simple engagement rings are on-trend and convey a low-key elegance and beauty. All of these rings feature their own unique, understated design elements while making a fashion-forward statement. Use sculpted metals, romantic details, shapely stones and dainty diamonds to create your own minimalist Brilliance.