Help! How Do I Find Out Which Ring Setting My Girlfriend Likes?

couple shopping for jewelry

You’ve decided to pop the question to your beloved, but first you have to buy her an engagement ring. Which setting should you choose to make the perfect moment? Gentlemen, it is time to don your detective’s cap, heed the following clues, and go on the search for the mysterious engagement ring setting that she will love for a lifetime.

Take pictures of rings she likes to wear.

Use that smartphone of yours to take pictures on the fly of the kind of rings she typically goes for. If she has mostly solitaire rings in her jewelry box, chances are she’d appreciate a single topper for her engagement ring setting. Take note of side stone settings, too. She might like a big center stone flanked by smaller ones, or a trio of modest-sized stones.

Bring her to a jewelry store and quietly take notes.

Pretend you want to look at watches and invite her to drop by a jewelry store. Let her browse through the ring section and take note of the styles and settings she gravitates towards. You can also plan ahead and recruit the salesclerk handling the rings section of the store. He or she can give you a report on which rings your future fiancee preferred.

Get hints from her tastes in fashion, art, and film.

There’s a wealth of engagement ring clues available if you just pay attention when you watch movies together or visit art galleries and museums. If she likes romantic comedies, grit your teeth and grab the opportunity to learn about the fashion and jewelry styles she likes (especially true of wedding-themed flicks). When viewing art, does she gravitate towards Art Deco themes or certain design eras? Her tastes in art, fashion, and film can likely translate into her taste for jewelry.

When she picks up a fashion magazine or reads the society pages, see if she lingers over certain engagement rings worn by celebrities or models, or if she just breezes through them. Take note of any scrunched up facial expression…you’d want to steer clear of those types of engagement ring setting!

Interview close family members and friends.

There are no better allies in your engagement ring mission than your girlfriend’s family and friends. Ask them for help in selecting the best kind of setting your future fiancee will love. Who knows? She might love the heirloom rings her grandmother used to wear and lead you to the right choice with the perfect familiarity.

When in doubt, consult with Brilliance!

Brilliance understands the dilemma of the modern-day soon-to-be fiance, which is why we’ve come up with helpful resources to aid you in your quest for the perfect engagement ring setting.

Check out our Engagement Ring Guide and What Does Your Engagement Ring Shape Say About You?  infographics. Once you have a better idea of what shape you want, check out our Diamond Buying Guide Chart for every diamond shape.  Then contact the diamond experts at Brilliance, who can help you find or even design the perfect setting for your bride-to-be!

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