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Happy Holidays: Our 5 Favorite Holiday Engagement Trends

Holiday Engagement Trends

If you’re planning to drop on bended knee over the holiday break…congratulations!!! Hopefully, you’ve selected that perfect sparkling engagement ring, but if you’re still on the hunt, you still have time! Since December is the prime month for proposals, there are likely going to be many stories swarming the internet detailing perfect proposals…and engagement rings. However, we think every couple’s engagement story is uniquely perfect and know that your proposal will be the most memorable for you and your beloved.

But before your future fiancé can emphatically say “yes,” your perfect ring must be discovered. While personality and style may dictate a ring preference, there are many styles that are edging out the competition this year. As we prepare to welcome 2018, here are the most romantic engagement ring styles and designs that are exploding in popularity!

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Rose Gold

This setting hue will probably not surprise anyone! Rose gold has been the darling of the color wheel for a few years now—it was even reflected in one of Pantone’s 2016 Colors of the Year Rose Quartz. You can find rose gold as the color of choice for tech gadgets, lipstick hues and even shoes. But rose gold shines blushingly best when used in jewelry. The warm pink hue of rose gold makes such a romantic choice for engagement ring settings. And while the metal hue is incredibly popular, it’s also a little surprising since the classic choices for engagement rings have always been white/yellow gold and platinum. Rose gold is also an ideal metal for vintage-inspired engagement rings and captures the beauty of Victorian floral designs perfectly.

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Three-Stone Rings

Move over, Kate Middleton, because Meghan Markle’s three-stone ring is about to explode in the jewelry world. While you can never perfectly replicate Markle’s elegant engagement ring from Prince Harry—it does, after all, feature two of Princess Diana’s diamonds—you can still design a similar style. Markle’s center stone is a cushion cut diamond, while the side stones appear to be round brilliant. Opt for a larger carat cushion centerpiece set between two smaller round diamonds. For the full Meghan Markle look, choose yellow gold.

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Gemstone Center Stones

More engagement rings are featuring center pieces that are gemstones instead of diamonds. Some choose gemstones as a nod to their birthstone while other buyers opt to shun diamonds for ethical reasons. Others simply find a gemstone centerpiece more affordable. We think gemstones of all hues create memorable and beautiful engagement rings. And just because you choose a gemstone for a centerpiece, it doesn’t mean that you have to forego the diamonds completely. Surround your gemstone with a diamond halo or add brilliant diamonds as side stone accents.

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Fancy Cut Diamonds

According to The Knot, pear shaped and marquise cut diamonds are getting their moment in the spotlight. These two shapes both feature brilliant cut facets to maximize fire, but the shapes also have a slimming effect on the hand. When selecting these two shapes for your diamond engagement ring, however, be sure that the proportions of the shape are balanced and that the shapes aren’t cut too thin or too wide.

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Antique or Vintage-Inspired Designs

The Knot also reports that vintage-inspired designs are popular. The vintage and vintage-inspired trend may always remain en vogue. There’s nothing more iconic than Art Deco rings from the Roaring 20s or Edwardian inspired designs. As shows like The Crown bring back our interest in styles from the past, engagement ring designs will continue to pull inspiration from vintage periods.

While trends come and go, the ring you choose for your future fiancé will represent vows that span through generations. Choose a ring that incorporates individual style and that draws inspiration from your love for a symbol that represents that the best is yet to come.