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Top Five Engagement Ring Settings to Consider

Channel Diamond Ring in White Gold

Engagement rings hold the promise of a couple’s lifetime together. That an engagement ring should hold up and remain intact for a good portion of that lifetime is a must. When you’re out shopping for that special engagement ring, it’s good to make the setting a priority since it is essentially what will dictate the strength (and beauty) of the ring.

#1 The Tiffany Mount

Considered a classic and a favorite by many, the “Tiffany setting” was introduced by the famous jewelers Tiffany & Co. in 1886. It features six claws holding up a mount bearing a solitaire round, brilliant-cut diamond. This setting allows maximum brilliance as the diamond catches light, and the six prongs holding it up guarantees strength and durability through the years.

#2 The Trilogy or Three-Stone Setting

Three stones on an engagement band usually represent the couple’s past, present, and future. This is why a lot of couples opt for the trilogy setting, and also because it features a beautiful, timeless design. A main stone is chosen as the center, with two smaller ones flanking it in a horizontal placement. The precious stones are often chosen carefully together for their cut, clarity, and proportions to each other, so this setting typically takes some time to execute.

Image Source: (Round Diamond Ring in White Gold)

Round Diamond Ring in White Gold

#3 The Smooth Bezel-Set

Those who have active lifestyles can definitely appreciate the inherent durability and flawlessness of the bezel-set engagement ring. Instead of being mounted on prongs, the round-cut diamond is embedded onto the ring itself, thus significantly reducing the possibility of losing the stone. A smooth bezel-set also looks great when paired with plain wedding bands of the same precious metal.

#4 The Square-Cut Setting

A square-cut diamond is dramatically held up using a table formed by two sweeping ends of the ring. The stone is usually large and has pride of place on the ring in a more modern “topper” design. It is another kind of setting that harmonizes well with plain bands or ones with small channel-set diamonds.

Image Source: (Princess Diamond Ring in Platinum)

Princess Diamond Ring in Platinum

#5 The Classic Round-Channel Setting

Future brides who prefer a timeless engagement ring can take inspiration from the classic Tiffany mount, but with a more dazzling and sparkling twist. The “topper” diamond is still held in place by six prongs but is further enhanced by smaller round-cut diamonds in a channel setting on the band. Check out other beautiful round diamond wedding rings and settings from Brilliance.

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