Engagement Etiquette in the Age of Social Media

Engagement Etiquette

Social media has drastically changed the world, even when it comes to getting engaged. This once private, intimate moment between two people has now gone social, completely shaking up the old etiquette rules. So how have marriage proposals changed as a result of social media?


Before the days of social media, men were left with the tall task of finding the perfect engagement ring for their bride-to-be without much help. Men had to travel to different jewelry stores, determine the cut, carat, color and clarity on their own, and hope that their brides loved the ring as much as they did. Nowadays, men have access to exactly what’s on their future bride’s mind by taking a peek at Pinterest!

Many women have Pinterest boards dedicated to engagement rings, bridal dresses and wedding décor, even if they’re not in a relationship. Since many of the pins on Pinterest link directly to the retailer’s website, the entire process of shopping for an engagement ring can now be done in a few clicks. Men never have to worry if they made the right call when picking a ring, taking much of the stress out of the proposal process.

The Big Moment

A marriage proposal used to be a private moment shared between two people, however public proposals have increased in popularity since the introduction of social media. Although men used to opt for a romantic dinner or a walk along the beach to propose, these days men are creating elaborate, well thought out proposal schemes that end up broadcast via YouTube or other social media channels.

From interrupting live news broadcasts to planning a flash mob leading up to the proposal, men have become more and more creative when it comes to popping the question. Once the videos of these elaborate proposals are placed online, many go viral, gaining millions of views from people who don’t even know the couple! Now, friends and loved ones don’t have to rely on you to relay the details of the romantic proposal story, since they can view it for themselves!

engagement etiquette

Announcing the Engagement

Prior to social media, couples broke the news to family and friends either in person or over the phone, speaking to each person individually and recounting the story of the proposal over and over. These days, when couples get engaged, friends and family find out at the same time via a lengthy Facebook or Instagram post. Modern day couples snap a picture of the engagement ring, the beautiful site of the proposal or of themselves beaming with joy to announce the big news through social media. Some couples may choose to FaceTime or video chat with family and other close friends prior to announcing the news on social media, however this is not always the case.

All in all, the etiquette associated with the private proposal and things that may have once been considered uncouth are now not only perfectly acceptable, but oftentimes totally desirable.  The classic quiet proposal is still widespread, so if you are not one for a big to-do, don’t feel obligated to join in on the social media engagement extravaganza.

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