Why Amber Necklace is Important for Babies?

Amber Necklace

Seeing the first tooth of their baby is a dream every parent have since the beginning of time. While this is a wonderful and exciting occurrence, it also brings some challenges with it. When a baby starts developing teeths, their gums start to ach. So naturally started to drool and make a lot of fuss. Amber Necklace is just the thing that helps you coupe with this situation.

These amber necklaces will help you and your baby avoid sleepless nights. Many parents have used it and found it effective to calm their developing their first teeth.

About Amber Teething Necklace

These necklaces are designed to be easily worn by babies. They are highly beneficial to reduce the itchiness of baby’s gums while they are teething. When a child wear an Amber Necklace it got heated by the heat of that child’s body, the amber in necklace then release certain oil (succinic acid).The oil then gets absorbed into body and helps ease baby’s teething pain.

All amber necklaces are made of Baltic Amber which is a fossilized resin from the sap of conifer trees. These trees are known to be here on this planet for almost 44 million years.

How Succinic Acid Works

Amber necklace should always touch the body of the child so it could warm up and release the succinic acid that will absorb through the skin and into the bloodstream. It then reduces the pain and itch in a baby’s gum.

These necklaces are meant to be worn and don’t need to licked or chewed by baby to work. You can also provide your baby with teething toys and other stuff to help them chew and release the itchiness.

The succinic acid is been tested and marked safe by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Another reason that succinic acid is safe because this substance is commonly extracted from plants and meat that we already use for food.

Amber Necklace

How to Use Amber Necklace

Here are the most effective ways to use Amber Necklace.

  1. We recommend that you use “pop clasp” safety release for your baby’s amber necklace.
  2. It should not be tight or very loose around your baby’s neck.
  3. At first try to distract your baby so they forget about the necklace and stop trying to take it off.
  4. Don’t remove the necklace and let it work.
  5. You should remove the necklace at night or while baby is taking a nap.
  6. Although it is sturdy and very safe for babies but it is not good for babies to wear them unsupervised.
  7. Many parents have approved of its effectiveness so enjoy its benefits with ease.

Which is Better Raw or Polished Amber?

The study indicates that raw amber is more beneficial to health then polished amber. The highly beneficial succinic acid can be sealed inside if we polish an amber. The polishing process makes amber less absorbable to the body.

Nature has always intended us to use amber in raw form. Raw Amber Necklace contains the highest ratio of succinic acid which can be up to 8%. Succinic acid is a natural ingredient that helps reduce inflammation in the body, especially teeth.

Testing Real Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

It’s good to research before you purchase an Amber Necklace for your baby. Make sure that it is made of raw and genuine Baltic amber. You can also check the authenticity of these necklaces on the spot with a couple of simple tests. First you heat them up a little. The genuine amber necklace will release the oils and you will feel the faint smell of pine. Second rub it with a piece of cloth and if the cloth becomes static enough to pick a paper, then you have real Baltic amber.

Also make sure that it is in a raw form so that the oils in it can easily be released with the heat of the baby’s body and help soothe your child’s gums. The original color of the Amber Necklace is golden and the beads of white, milky yellow, lemon yellow, green or butter colored are most likely cooked to change their color, which makes it less effective.

When to Use Amber Teething Necklace

As soon as baby shows symptoms of teething, a baby can start wearing Amber Necklace. It is beneficial if a baby start wearing it at the age of 2 months, this way the baby get accustomed to wearing it at the older age. At that age they will not get accustomed to biting or tugging at it and wear it as an extension of their body. Amber Necklace can be used until the baby is 3 years old but many kids like to wear them long after that because Amber Necklace are also beautiful.


Amber Necklace is a natural remedy for the pain and itching of teething gums. They are beautiful, stylish and good for the health of your teething baby. We definitely recommend to try them if you have baby at home who is constantly irritated due to their teething gums.

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