Pear Cut Solitaire Diamond Ring –The Full Guide for the Daring

Custom Pear-Cut Diamond & Baguette Eternity Engagement Ring

The pear shaped diamond has a unique style and it became a huge trend among many individuals that desire a classic engagement ring. Although the shape is really mesmerizing, it can be quite tricky to buy this type of diamond cut.

If you are looking to purchase a gorgeous pear cut solitaire diamond ring, here are some guide lines you should follow:

1. Pointing the Right Direction – The narrow area should point towards the end of the finger, and so by doing that, you generate an effect that makes your finger looks slimmer and longer. At the end of the day, it’s really a matter of choice, and if you prefer wearing it the other way you should definitely do that.

2. Unique Style – The pear cut solitaire diamond ring has a much more impressive appearance than their round cousins. Other than that, this special shape has a versatile style, which means that it can fit perfectly to different categories as vintage, classic or even modern.

3.  Symmetry is a Key Player – Like all diamonds, the “cut” is super important. When you purchase a pear shaped diamond, try to imagine a line that goes from the pointed end all the way to the wider area of the stone. While you do that, you must be sure that the two parts are identical by their size.

Additionally, make sure that the ratio between the size of the stone and the finger is nothing less than perfect. Usually, it’s all about personal preferences but a common ratio by most people is 1.45 – 1.75 (length – width).

4. Choosing the Right Color – This issue is completely depends on personal taste. Some people prefer warmer tones of color grades ( G-H) while others want clearer and more seen through tones (D-F).

Honestly, without the right equipment it’s difficult to tell the difference between the colors, but it seems to be that the icy and cooler colors are more popular among most people.

5. Prong Setting – In order to make the pear center stone to pop out, a common prong setting round it can do the job. The smaller stones make emphasize the center diamond and it’s important to make sure that the setting doesn’t cover the edge of the diamond.

When purchasing a pear cut solitaire diamond ring make sure you can see all the needed certifications. You want to know the carat size, color range, clarity and cut. Once you have located the perfect ring, remember to tell your loved one she can wear it with the edge of the stone pointing upwards or downwards.