What Type of Headdress Matches the Attire?

Floral and bejeweled headpieces

Whatever clothes you are wearing, once you are wearing a hat, you can look spectacular. A hat is a very simple accessory that adds up to charm and contributes to the beauty of one’s attire.

Come on, a single fascinator, can upheave your personality and give your looks a pleasing touch up.  Meanwhile, if you are not used to wearing hats then you have to be really careful about what you pick. You cannot simply pick anything that comes your way. You have to be selective in your choices. Well, if you are going to purchase a hat for a specific occasion or event from JJ’s House or any other place then you should choose according to what is the most appropriate for the occasion.

Starting Point

It is important that you start with the rest of your clothing first. Work out on what you are going to wear and then you can reshuffle the accessories to coordinate. Lots of women like to have hats, bags and shoes to match, but it is becoming less common nowadays with so many potentials to play with. In fact, having your hat ‘matching’ any portion of your outfit isn’t essential at all; you can easily go for a complete contrast, a blending impact with diverse tones or even something totally distinct.

The Features of the Hat

Make sure that you choose features of a hat to form a balancing effect for any of your protuberant physical characteristics. For instance, if a person has average height and has a long face shape, he or she should not wear a tall hat (however, he or she can wear a midi top hat!) because it shall just elongate his/her face even more. Instead they can wear a cover style hat, things that sit lower down on forehead or an extensive brim; anything to give the illusion of a rounder shape.

The point is you should look at the mirror and figure out what type of face you have. Once you know what exactly your face features are, you can easily get a hat that matches well. If you have a long face then a fascinator, saucer hat or even that of button hat worn on the side might help to balance out the length. However, if you have quite a square jaw then you should go for a bigger hat to soften your face. If you are really tall, go for a headpiece having width rather than giving yourself even more height. And finally, if you have an oval face, then congratulations, you can easily wear just about anything as far as hats shapes go and it shall look great on you!

Thus, having all these things in mind you should be in a position to decide a perfect piece of hat for you.  After all, a right hat has the power to enhance your looks, and give you a beautiful experience. You should try it for sure and you will love it!